Review: HTC Butterfly s evolution attack

HTC recently launched an upgraded version of Butterfly s butterfly machine, is a combination of New HTC One advantage with Butterfly’s flagship product.

HTC Butterfly s 5-inch, 1920 x 1080 resolution screen, built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, 1.9GHz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM / 16GB ROM, can be expanded via microSD memory card.

As the battery from the original 2,020 mAh capacity increased to 3,200 mAh, the body is thus becoming more heavy; But 144.5 x 70.5 x 10.6mm body size and weight of 160g, and will not bring much of a burden, and hold up feeling pretty good.

New HTC One and the same is, HTC Butterfly s top of the screen is the power button infrared port, can take advantage of the built-in TV function remote multimedia devices, the only shortcoming should be a butterfly machine original water repellent function is removed.

The phone will also BoomSound dual speaker design in the fuselage, can bring superior sound performance, while the back of the machine body butterfly speaker and LED indicator light is removed.

HTC Butterfly s design of the LED indicator light above the speaker on the front side, this design is quite reasonable, after all, dual speakers are in the front, the average user should place the handset will also be placed face up.

In addition to increasing the thickness of the fuselage, the fuselage side of the design with the past and there is no difference; touches the back of the camera has been greatly grow, camera sensor is the same with the New HTC One UltraPixel, can bring a pretty good shooting performance, With HTC Zoe Mode, easy for users to capture the moment; the only difference is that the phone does not have built with the New HTC One same optical anti-shake module and replace it with a digital anti-shake function.

The phone also improved HTC Butterfly Butterfly Machine is a major flaw, which is added to the NFC Near Field Communication sensing.

In addition, HTC Butterfly s not black version, replaced by a shiny gray, as red, white and then the same with the past, but the red circle on the camera can clearly show the butterfly machine with the past differently.

In the user interface part, HTC Butterfly s is used with the same BlinkFeed New HTC One home can drag up and down the way through a variety of content viewing, and can take advantage of sliding around way replace pages; if the dynamic information bulletin does not meet demand. Users can also change the settings of the other page is the home page, but HTC BlinkFeed “Letters dynamic information cannot be removed, is somewhat unfortunate place, if we decide whether to enable on demand will be more intimate.

HTC BlinkFeed functional integration of dynamic information bulletin of news, social networking sites and other services, the user can always see the desired message in the markets around the world and will provide more than 1,400 media messages a day there will be 10,000 or more from the media reported.

BlinkFeed beyond the desktop and other devices equipped with Android operating system the same, you can place widgets, application or shortcut.

Application Settings folder list at the support, the intention is to allow users to directly use this page as a home, even in the past by using the iPhone can easily use; but the system cannot enter Preset Press the Home key to this screen, settings cannot be changed through.

Part of the notification list, adding a diverse set of shortcuts, most consumers will use the features are here; press multiple keys that appeared recently used eight applications, and can be turned off using the drag and drop Long press the Home key to quick launch Google Now you can real-time information.

Through transfer content feature, you can quickly past include HTC Android phones, Android phones of other brands, iPhone and mobile phones or other types of information, via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc., being transferred to the HTC Butterfly s.

Users can follow the habits, the bottom of the screen is set to multi-tasking key Option key; However, HTC Butterfly s audio speakers using the phone is not supported when Beats Audio sound functions.

Including mobile phone ringtone volume reduction, improve your pocket or bag when the ringer volume, are the HTC practical thoughtful design. On the other hand, although the phone has been equipped with a capacity of up to 3,200 mAh, but still has a useful power-saving mode, and status bar also supports battery meter display, and support for quick boot function.

HTC TV application is different from other brand’s remote control, which can be referred to as electronic program advanced version, the user can preview screenings of this TV show, and click directly turntable, with its remote control functions, improve operational convenience.

Camera functions with the New HTC One roughly the same, about 4.08 million pixels can shoot photos, and have a variety of scene modes, as well as at night, HDR, panorama shot and anti-shake functions; addition, HTC Butterfly s built-in album with Zoe reality feature also supports dynamic display thumbnails, vividly presented captured image or video.

The phone also supports 1080P Full HD video, but also can touch focus, while recording are shot, and the HDR video recording.

HTC Butterfly s built a diverse shooting filters do not require additional software installation, you can do simple effects.

However, the most distinctive is its Zoe shoot, you shoot one second before you press the shutter to capture the screen, after pressing the shutter continuous shooting 3 seconds (per 5 shooting) and recording three seconds, user-selected or for synthesis applications, reducing shooting blunders, and can add an object to remove, the best facial expressions, Continuous synthesis and seven kinds of face retouching and other special effects.

Uses a more advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon 600, 1.9GHz quad-core processor, with 2GB RAM and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS, HTC Sense 5 user interface, whether it can bring superior performance? Please refer to the performance of running sub Tigger for it!

▼ System Information.

▼ memory information.

▼ CPU-Z.

▼ AnTuTu security Bunny display of system information.

▼ AnTuTu security Bunny and Quadrant.

▼ Linpack for Android.

▼ GFXBench.

▼ Geekbench 2.

▼ 3DMark.

▼ Vellamo.

▼ Base X Mark.

▼ Epic Citadel.

▼ GPU Mark.

Although HTC Butterfly s is a butterfly device upgrade version, but either from software, hardware standpoint, New HTC One of the enhanced version, based on appearance alone butterfly device as the mainstay, and be strengthened.

Compared to the HTC Butterfly, Butterfly s new generation evolution of considerable magnitude, in addition to water repellent function is removed, the original not the past NFC NFC sensors, infrared remote control functions are to become standard equipment, including the processor, the camera , sound and other configurations, many powerful than ever.

Since the phone to join BlinkFeed home, all of the latest developments can be clearly presented in front of new information for those who want ready access to consumers, it is a pretty good design.

HTC Butterfly s in fluency performance is quite excellent, should be the current smartphone market, one of the fastest response, whether it is to activate the camera, open the application, or to switch between pages are significantly better than other flagship models , people rather admire the skill of HTC software tuning.

HTC Butterfly s is plastic texture is not the same with the New HTC One integrally molded metal material, and the camera although the same as 4,080,000 pixels UltraPixel module, but did not carry the same optical anti-shake module and replace it with a digital anti- shake technology.

Perhaps because New HTC One optical anti-shake design, will lead to blurred photographs corners, this did not make the HTC Butterfly s photographs found on; but with optical anti-shake technology New HTC One in low light shooting at a relatively high success rate does little.

Although less metallic, and optical anti-shake modules, but HTC Butterfly s has a larger screen, as well as capacity up to 3,200 mAh battery, coupled with the ability through the microSD memory card expansion, these are unmatched by New HTC One The.

Of course, here is not to separate the New HTC One and HTC Butterfly s which one is better, after all, these two products have different screen sizes, operating experience brought also different; But HTC Butterfly s can indeed be regarded the culmination in a homogeneous HTC’s flagship product.

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