iPad mini vs. Nexus 7: Performance Test [Video]


Observers site Macmixing compared the performance of the Nexus 7 tablet from Google and the first generation of iPad mini. Before we talk about the test results, Outset That “tablet» Google was presented last week, and “apple” tablet has not been updated since last fall.

Based on benchmarks and subjective feelings, Nexus 7 was very powerful. According to tests, the tablet iPad mini Google surpassed the performance of the processor and graphics, but it caused a few complaints. In particular, the experts point out the convenience 7.9-inch screen iPad mini and a smoother operation of browser and operating system.

In the video, the two devices are tested by running the benchmarks, gaming and web browser. As already mentioned, the tests are not very honest, and not scientific, although experts and resorted to a universal benchmark Geekbench.

“If the Nexus 7 was working on iOS, it would be a perfect 7-inch tablet”, – concluded Macmixing.

As expected, Apple will introduce the second generation iPad mini with Retina display and a more powerful “filling” this fall.

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