Review Qumo SmartWatch One: smart watches at a modest price

The company entered the market Qumo smart hours co Smart Watch One. This device can not only be notified of incoming calls, SMS messages and Facebook, but also claims to have own steps and calories burned. In clock built altimeter, thermometer and barometer. Why Smart Watch One selfshotov lovers, if I can watch drown, and how they help keep track of the smartphone at home or at work – read this review.

Technical characteristics Smart Watch One

  • Screen type: E-paper, mineral glass, backlight;
  • Battery: Li-ion, 120 mAh;
  • uptime: 12 days in power saving mode, 7 days in normal mode;
  • dimensions: 35 x 50 x 10 mm;
  • weight: 44 grams;
  • Protection class: IP67;
  • Bluetooth: 4.0 LE;
  • step temperature measurement: 1 ° C;
  • measuring step height: 20 cm;
  • Temperature range: -40 ° C ⇔ +75 ° C;
  • Built-in lights: yes.

Appearance Smart Watch One

SmartWatch One design is maintained in high-tech style. Housing built outwardly seems almost without a gap in a pretty tough bracelet. Also get us there white blue, canary yellow and black color options. Housing dimensions 50 x 35 x 10 mm and weighs 44 grams device.

Management by the buttons “Up”, “Down” and “Input / pairing mode”, located on the left side of the casing. Right is a button “Back / Menu”. The information is displayed on a black and white display with built-in lighting.

On hand watches sit comfortably, but often scrolled on the wrist, because the bracelet does not include a hard hand tightly in shape. For the same reason it can be difficult to fasten.

Synchronization with a smartphone Smart Watch One

Pedometer, barometer, height sensor and a temperature sensor work without connecting to a smartphone – but it is needed for other functions. Synchronization occurs via Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

Yet Qumo SmartWatch One only compatible with Samsung Galaxy 3/4, Samsung Note 2/3, Galaxy Mega, iPhone 4S, 5 and 5S, Nexus 5, but soon the developers promise to expand the list of supported devices.

Qumo SW application can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. The interface is simple and straightforward. Home depicts actual hours on it, you can configure the notification on the display device. To do this, scroll the page to the side and click on the plus sign, and then select an item from the list.

Through the application you can also customize the interface style and the backlighting time (options – from three to ten seconds). Camera control mode included here.

Operating hours Smart Watch One

Let’s talk about the features that are available when you synchronize SmartWatch One with a mobile device. First of all this duplication of incoming calls from your smartphone on the clock display with caller ID display and vibration notification for incoming SMS with the ability to read them.

On the clock, you can see your call history, and the presence and number of notifications from Facebook. Producers promise soon to add e-mail and Twitter, VKontakte notice.

Simple, but very handy feature – music control. Those who listen to music on your smartphone, faced with the need to constantly get the gadget from his pocket and put it back when switching tracks. Now you can simply press the “next track” on Qumo SmartWatch One. Music management interface simple and consists of three buttons: forward, backward and pause.

With Qumo SmartWatch One can forget about the “self” with the arm – it is a function of the camera control. It works as follows: it is necessary to enter into pairing mode, and through the application (in other words, this function does not work), turn on the camera. Now each press any of the buttons hours will take pictures.

The device does not allow its owner to lose smartphone. Should forget the device somewhere and go as if out of range Bluetooth watch vibrates.

If it’s set to include your city, will be displayed also forecast. Summaries are downloaded over the Internet, so that this function sync with your smartphone and access to its network are required.

Built-in pedometer counts not only the number of steps you’ve walked, but the number of calories burned, and in jogging mode – and even running speed. For accurate counting device asks you to specify the user’s weight and the length of his stride.

Immunity Smart Watch One

Qumo SmartWatch One protection class IP67, which means that the watch is protected against dust and water splashes. Swim hours is not necessary, but they are not afraid of rain.

Autonomy Smart Watch One

Watches have a rather low power consumption: they need to be charged once a week. Helps conserve battery switch backlight only on demand. Make it easy: just tapped three times on the display. Response time illumination is adjusted through the application Qumo SW (default – 10 seconds).

Results Smart Watch One

Price Qumo SmartWatch One – 115$. Full fitness tracker it can not be called as wellness-function gadget limited pedometer, calorie counter and history runs. SmartWatch One convenient elsewhere: with him do not need to get smart phone out of your pocket to see the weather forecast, read SMS or switch the track in the player. Overall, this is a great accessory category of “simplifying life”, also waterproof and do not require frequent charging. In the end, it is also a clock that shows the time.

Pros Smart Watch One:

  • good autonomy;
  • protection from moisture and dust.

Cons Smart Watch One:

  • too rigid bracelet;
  • A small selection of supported devices.

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