Google announced Chromebook Pixel "killer" Macbook with double the number of ports

Google announced Chromebook Pixel “killer” Macbook with double the number of ports

Google announced Chromebook Pixel "killer" Macbook with double the number of ports

Google has released the second generation of the reference Chromebooks that foreign media have already named competitor submitted a few days ago Apple Macbook. Both devices are their own vision of a mobile PC Google and Apple. In this new model Pixel possesses a large number of ports and has several other advantages.

A year after the release of aluminum laptop with a display of high-definition Chromebook Pixel Google Inc. unveiled the second generation. Foreign media has dubbed his competitor announced a few days ago Apple Macbook. Chromebook Pixel – is what the corporation sees “Chromebooks” notebooks based on Chrome OS.

New Chromebook Pixel looks the same as a laptop first generation, presented at the end of February 2013 From Macbook his native aluminum body, “island” keyboard with backlit screen with a higher resolution and interface USB Type-C. In the two-port 2 Pixel USB Type-C, whereas only one Macbook. Furthermore, the model is equipped with a card reader SD (in the new “MacBook” it either).

Diagonal screen Pixel 2 is about 13 inches (12.85 inches) and its resolution – 2560 x 1700 pixels. This combination provided a resolution at 249 ppi. It is slightly larger than the Macbook (226 ppi).

Google announced Chromebook Pixel "killer" Macbook with double the number of ports

Chromebook Pixel 2 slightly thicker Macbook (2 mm) and significantly heavier. Its weight is 1.5 kg compared to 920 g for a new laptop Apple. Computer from Google even heavier 13.3-inch MacBook Air – 150 g

The benefits of Pixel 2 can also be attributed to the manufacturer the battery life – up to 12 hours. This value corresponds to the index 13.3-inch Macbook Air. In turn, the new ready MacBook on battery is not more than 10 hours.

New Chromebook Pixel

Another advantage is that the screen Pixel 2 – touchscreen. Apple has yet touch panels are not equipped with their laptops.

Laptop put on sale in the US at $ 999

Chromebook Pixel 2 comes with the operating system Google Chrome OS. It is oriented to work with the services Google – Gmail, «Contact», «Calendar», Google Docs, and others. The user can set the web application from a specialized store Chrome Web Store and launch applications for Android. Interact with the service through a web browser Chrome. The system is equipped with voice control. Users simply say “OK, Google” to start the search. Entering a search query can also be done voice. Similar opportunities exist in Chrome on other platforms.

Presentation of the new Chromebook Pixel

Pixel 2 is equipped with Intel Core i5 processor with a frequency of 2.2 GHz or i7 2.4 GHz (Broadwell), 8 or 16 GB of RAM, SSD capacity of 32 or 64 GB, Bluetooth adapter and Wi-Fi. Mobile communication module is not provided. Connect your laptop to an external display, you can use the optional adapter with USB-C to DisplayPort, or HDMI. Small built-in storage capacity due to the concept of Chrome OS, that most of the user data stored in the cloud Google.

Chromebook Pixel 2 went on sale in the US for $ 999 and $ 1,299, and depending on the configuration. On sale in other countries, the company did not report.

Source: TheVerge

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