Tracky - new smart clothes for all

Tracky – new smart clothes for all

Tracky - new smart clothes for all

2015 could be the year of smart clothes. Now projects to create t-shirts, smart-sweaters or coveralls appear quite active. One of these projects includes Tracky – a project to create smart shirts, which transmits information on the state of the human body and its activity in real time.

Tracky outfitted with a large number of sensors that make this smart shirt tells its owner all the things that he wants to hear about your fitness or activity of the current session.

Thus, the mobile phone in the appropriate application information is transmitted respiration, body temperature and burning calories. In addition, Tracky gives advice on the current lesson, showing the level of human experience, its mobility, efficiency and progress.

Tracky can identify one of the 198 types of sports, recognizes 126 varieties of yoga exercises. Just a memory – 1137 different patterns.

If the project is picking the right amount of funding Indiegogo, Tracky will sell 179 US dollars.

Source: Indiegogo

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