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overview-airport-time-capsule-2013-raqwe.com-01Among the products that have received an update on the June WWDC-2013, in addition to MacBook Air and software was provided and updated “time capsule” – Apple Time Capsule model 2013 , which in addition to the changed appearance, and got new features. 


The first thing that catches your eye – a “towering” new Time Capsule. Design model 2013 is entirely different from the previous generation. If the previous wireless storage cabinets were flat and low, but now the area occupied on the surface of the table, significantly reduced – by 75%, but up Time Capsule stretched quite noticeable. Its height is 168 mm. 


Except minimalist design does not call out – absolutely no unnecessary elements on the body is not found. Located on top of the manufacturer’s logo in black, front LED indicating connection status, and the rear set of interface ports – 3 LAN ports, 1 USB 2.0 for connecting a printer, WAN-port, plug the power cable in the form of eight, and next to it a small reset button settings.



Bottom another logo Apple, surrounded by air vents. 


The main innovation AirPort Time Capsule 2013 is support mode 802.11ac, which can provide data rates up to 1200 MB / c with built-in router hard drive capacity of 2 or 3 TB on a compatible device. In this mode, the router uses a frequency of 5 GHz, 2.4 GHz enabled for data transmission via 802.11n. Like the previous Time Capsule, the updated model is broadcast in two frequency bands. Unfortunately, the read / write data in 802.11ac us test failed for lack of supporting this protocol device, but our Western colleagues note read speeds reaching 210 megabits per second and write at 170 megabits per second.

Speed ​​Reading


Recording speed 


In addition to dual-band broadcasting, as well as AirPort Express last year, an updated “capsule” can than your home Wi-Fi-network, and create a separate network for guest access. Thus who came to your house guests do not have to enter a password that does not always want to share, and, simply connect to a guest network that does not require a password and limit the speed of the Internet to the core network does not suffer from nagryanuvshaya guests.


We should also mention the setting of routers Apple. It can be produced either by the iPhone and iPad, so it is with the Mac, using the Utility AirPort, which is enough to specify the username and password, and follow the simple instructions that will give the program.

The main difference from the Time Capsule router AirPort Extreme is the presence of the hard drive inside the “capsule”. It is needed in order to store a backup of your computer that are created on a schedule. So you can be sure that there will always be able to recover your computer if there is any situation that led to the loss of data. Depending on your needs, Apple offers a model for 2 or 3 terabytes.

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