best smartphone LG G3

Complaining about the owners of best smartphone LG G3?

best smartphone LG G3

About best smartphone LG G3 heard every fan of high technology, and there are several reasons. First of all, it’s – the current flagship of the South Korean company LG. In addition, best smartphone LG G3 was one of the first devices running the operating system Android with a display resolution of 2560×1440 pixels.Finally, the clincher popularization of smartphones have become incredible characteristics, hiding inside his body. Despite all of the above, some instances of this model characterized by certain disadvantages, which we now discuss.

Tourism royally – best smartphone LG G3

Mobile best smartphone LG G3 is getting smarter every year, and to deny this fact is incredibly difficult. Many of the smart phones are able to independently set the alarm for the right time to remind their owners of a particular event, depending on the location and even monitor the physical activity of man.

best smartphone LG G3

Sometimes, however, the autonomy and can be annoying. For example, some owners of best smartphone LG G3 complain about its periodic shutdown. It is noteworthy that in such cases, to run the system for many owners have to remove the battery.

According to our colleagues from raqwe, to rectify the situation can be using a factory reset of the device. If this fails, the problem is most likely hiding in the battery. Replace it or exchange the device itself – it’s up to you.

Gets too hot – best smartphone LG G3

Huge resolution and extremely powerful processor could not come back to haunt. In addition to picture quality and high performance, it also goes for the heating of the body, which is observed during the work-intensive games or long videos.

best smartphone LG G3

The most obvious solution to the problem – closing unnecessary applications in the background. In addition, to help and can also decrease the brightness of the display and removing the protective cover.

Slow interface – best smartphone LG G3

Unfortunately, the power components of the device is not a guarantee of its smooth operation. Best smartphone LG G3 – not the exception. Many owners complain about the braking interface during launch and switch between applications.

best smartphone LG G3

If increasing the speed of the animation is not enough, you can try launchers. The benefit of the list of their worthy representatives really great.

Say you can not hear – best smartphone LG G3

best smartphone LG G3

Some fans of the South Korean brand’s report that the quality of the phone call voice during calls is poor. In a particular situation, you should pay attention to the function of improving the voice in the call setup.

If this persists, you should consider replacing the unit.

Not the music – best smartphone LG G3

What could be better than a comfortable listening favorite track in the subway? Much. However, it can spoil.

best smartphone LG G3

In particular, many users began to complain of strange sharp hiss when turned on music with headphones. Most likely, this is a problem software. Doubt its correction makes no sense. The main thing – to wait for the update.

Have you used the flagship best smartphone LG G3 of the manufacturer? What are your impressions? Share your answers below.

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