External batteries Hoox Magic Stone and Timely for iPhone and iPad


One of the most important accessories in the bag almost any active gadzhetomana – a person who is actively using mobile electronics – is an external battery. If many of us own a smartphone quite live up to the evening, the march out of town or on trips discharged battery is made known exactly when it is out of place. Fortunately, the cost and the wide range of external battery plays us today, users of technology, just at hand. Today we will stop your eyes on two models of cell production Hoox – everyday bright “pebble” Magic Stone and more serious Timely.

Magic Stone


My first thought after meeting with a line of batteries Hoox Magic Stone was “even though this battery is the best fit for iPhone 5C ! “. And rightly so, the range of colors to satisfy each customer – there are classic black and white versions, and there is a more vibrant red, green and yellow panels for those who, after buying iPhone 5c «lives in color,” as recommended by Apple.

Call me everyday that option gives the right size and weight of the battery. “The magic stone” fits comfortably into any bag and it does not burden the owner, having a weight of 180 grams. Some smart phones weigh more.


In general, the appearance of the battery attracts attention. Obviously, in this kind of accessory appearance is absolutely secondary, but the manufacturer Magic Stone decided that their batteries should look original and to attract attention. Definitely exactly he did it – external power sources are looked bright and unusual, pleasing the eye vivid colors.

Yet the most important parameter by which we evaluate the external battery is not the form or color, and capacity. What good is a beautiful, bright and unusual external battery, if it can not charge anything? In the case of Hoox Magic Stone regards the element of power, with a capacity of 6000 mA / h, which for once daily use is more than enough. In the end, you have to be very active owner of iPhone, to discharge its battery twice a day, at least as many recharges your smartphone from the ground up to offer “stone.”


IPhone is not one, because apart from a smartphone, we have more and more gadgets, which most certainly need to get their portion of energy. For example, iPad. Of course, Magic Stone will not be able to charge the iPad completely, though, because the battery capacity in iPad is higher than that of our accessory. On the other hand, the extra 50% charge will watch a few favorite TV series on the road or a couple of feature films that you will agree, is a good addition.

Charging as smartphones and tablets provide two USB ports with 1A output and 2.1 A. The very same standard battery charging 4-5 hours.


If you care about the look of the accessories that you use along with the iPhone and the iPad, I recommend you see it in the direction of Hoox Magic Stone. Advantages battery is available – small size, good looks, bright colors and lightweight body and the body, in short, we are talking about the ideal everyday storage of energy for the smartphone. The disadvantage in this case only one – a receptacle. Battery capacity is never enough, but in the case of Magic Stone mAh battery is quite normal for this size. Also in the kit we get excellent quality fabric cover that looks like a match for the battery – the same quality.

Hoox Timely


Six thousand milliamp / hr will not be enough in the event that you need to charge a lot and often. Typically, such a need is felt acutely in travel when we fly with changes, or shake in a bus or train, or going somewhere far away by car. Not always in such cases it is possible in time to feed the electronic pet, and the battery, which we discussed just above, although able to help, but not for long – the energy-hungry devices devastate it very rapidly.


In this case, a “daily” option to limit does not work, you need something more expressive and impressive. The arsenal is Hoox battery Timely , just what is the “more expressive and impressive” both appearance and performance. In contrast to the bright glossy casing Magic Stone battery Timely looks more serious – it’s bigger, heavier and has a completely different texture of the surface of the housing. If the “magic stone” is smooth and shining in the sun, then Timely has a rough surface, vaguely resembling sandpaper, body shape, we revised jokingly nicknamed shawarma, resemblance to that product, if desired, can be seen.


Timely capacity almost twice the Magic Stone – 11,000 mAh vs 6000 at the “pebble”. Accordingly, the amount of energy that the battery can pass your devices above. For example, you can charge your iPad from scratch or a lot of time to replenish its battery iPhone / iPod, to continue to set records in Dots or listen to your favorite music. Moreover, as in the case of the Magic Stone, and in Timely, the buyer receives as USB-connector 2 – by 1A and 2.1 A. May simultaneously use both connectors, so if suddenly all devices are exhausted, but at least two of them you can begin to put on their feet at the same time.


Due to the impressive weight and size parameters are unlikely to be advised to wear such a device with you every day, all the same it will be inconvenient to burden his bag heavy battery. Timely design also not so bright and happy, only two colors, but at the same time the battery has an unusual rounded shape. Hoox Timely is a great solution charging gadgets on trips and hikes, while the Magic Stone is suitable to carry around every day. In favor of the use of nekazhdodnevnogo Timely and says charging time – the battery should be left connected to a power supply by about 7:00.

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