Camera DSLRs Sony A7S review

Camera DSLRs Sony A7S review

Camera DSLRs Sony A7S review

The company Sony, perhaps more than any other manufacturers pleases photos of various interesting innovations. Recently, the company made another small revolution in the photographic technique by introducing a new system consisting of several full-frame mirrorless cameras Sony A7S review and specially designed optics for them. Photographers are already familiar with them and to appreciate and camera Sony A7R and quickly “reportage” Sony A7.

However, by the novelty of the Sony show deserved interest not only photographers, but also videographers – professionals who are looking for a convenient and functional tool, not only for photography but also for video recording. And of course, placing the highest demands on the quality of photos and videos produced.

The first acquaintance – Sony A7S review

Camera DSLRs Sony A7S review

It needs as photographers and videographers will try to meet the company’s engineers in the new Sony camera Sony A7S review.

breakthrough in sensitivity and ability to shoot in low light. A relatively small number of megapixels allowed engineers to create a matrix with very low digital noise. Sensitivity range of new items is 50-409600 units ISO. Fantastic value, even compared with cameras Sony A7S review and A7R, whose maximum sensitivity is “only” ISO 25600.

Camera DSLRs Sony A7S review

“Brain” of the camera Sony A7S review has become a high-performance processor Bionz X, familiar to users and cameras A7 A7R. It provides a quick save photos with a resolution of up to 4240×2832 in RAW or JPEG, and copes with noise reduction.

Besides working at very high ISO main advantage of the new camera is the ability to record video in 4K, but more on that later. We all know that the high values ​​of the satellite ISO, which sports a new, digital noise becomes greatly degrades the quality of the pictures. As a show innovation in practice – we’ll see a bit later, but for now start from the beginning: we consider the appearance of Sony A7S review and delivery.

Camera DSLRs Sony A7S review

In the box with the Sony A7S review you will find not one battery, but two. Also added to the set and charger. Those who have already had experience with full frame DSLRs Sony A7S review, know that you can charge the battery in the camera, port microUSB. And you can do this from any port USB: for example, via a laptop. It is very convenient to travel and travel – does not come with a carry as before the charger. Enough only one small public and USB-cable.

Camera DSLRs Sony A7S review

However, the charger will not be too odd. It is useful when you need to quickly charge all batteries. One can be charged in the charger, the other chamber. Again, the videographer will appreciate this approach, because when shooting video batteries sit down quickly, and charged them, and often have a lot, sometimes simultaneously with filming. Having two batteries included apparently caused more and “Achilles’ heel” of modern DSLRs – a relatively short period of time the camera battery life as compared to DSLRs. The manufacturer claims that Sony A7S review able to make a single charge up to 380 frames.

Design and control – Sony A7S review

Outwardly, all full-frame DSLRs Sony – A7, A7R and Sony A7S review – alike as twins. The manufacturer decided not to philosophize and “pack” all the cameras in the same line of the hull. So if you have used any of the full-frame DSLRs Sony, retrain or look for the right controls are not necessary. Samsung claims that the dust and moisture protection of the camera body, which of course is important for a professional tool. The case itself is made of magnesium alloy. Dimensions – 126,9 x 94,4 x 48,2 mm, weight – 489 grams with battery and memory card.

Camera DSLRs Sony A7S reviewThe camera, by the way, is striking in its compactness. I cannot believe that such a “toy” machine is a serious professional tool.

The design of the Sony A7S review especially striking refined upper panel, made ​​with a hint of fashion today, “retro”. The sharp corners of the unsmoothed, “chrome” is a button and the shutter release is certainly a very convenient choice Exposure wheel. All these outlines seem enjoyable as experienced photographers, nostalgic for the film mechanical cameras and everyone who is looking for a stylish camera, attracts the eye.

In addition to the massive wheels compensation, the top panel is the shutter button, lever switch, mode dial, one of the customizable buttons – C1 – and “hot shoe” corporate standard for Sony flashes, microphones and other devices that are called, in the terminology of “Multi-connector”. However, mechanically the hot shoe is compatible with all standard accessories.

Camera DSLRs Sony A7S review

Trundle select shooting modes, we can see all the familiar photographers modes P, A, S and M, the “green” auto mode, scene mode (SCN), panorama mode, a mode for shooting video and two custom settings (“1” and “2”). In each of them the owner of the camera can keep your shooting settings, who often use to quickly get back to them.

In Sony A7S review can insert only one memory card. It should be noted that the video recording as above 50P / 50M (eg 100P 50M) Sony A7S review allows only memory cards SDXC Class 10 or faster (UHS-I) 64 GB or more, or a similar amount on the card format Memory Stick Pro Duo. Memory card slot universal, it supports both the mentioned format flash drives.

Camera DSLRs Sony A7S review

It is strange that the manufacturer has decided to confine one slot for memory cards. After all, in professional cameras good practice to have two slots. Apparently, the miniaturization of the design did not allow to find a place for the second connector.

In addition, on the right side of the device there are sensors wireless Wi-Fi and NFC. They need a camera for example, to take pictures using your smartphone as a remote control. Any owner of a smartphone can install it app PlayMemories Online and get awesome remote control capabilities.

Camera DSLRs Sony A7S review

On the left side are all the ins and outs of the camera. Videographer will appreciate the input not only for the microphone, but also for headphones.

The bulk of the control focused on the rear panel, near the display, the slope of which can be adjusted. The abundance and location of the buttons on the back hints at the fact that Sony A7S designed for people with thin fingers – they will obviously easier to press the small, closely spaced to each other and rotate buttons are small steering wheels. In general ergonomics does not cause problems, it quickly get used to.

Camera DSLRs Sony A7S review

For viewing and linking future staff, as well as to display all relevant shooting information used three-inch angled display with a resolution of 921,600 pixels and or electronic viewfinder, executed on technology XGA OLED with a resolution of 2.36 million. Points. The viewfinder is large enough, bright and clear. See it quite comfortable. What good is an electronic viewfinder, so the fact that it, like the display, you can display any information. You can look at it and see all the many shooting options. And at the same time, for example, to include electronic level not to “overwhelm” the horizon.

In addition, through the electronic viewfinder, you will always see the picture exactly as her cellphone camera, the same brightness, with the same colors. Electronic viewfinder, by the way, as well as display, will not prevent random errors exposure. Also very handy viewfinder when shooting in sunny weather.

Camera DSLRs Sony A7S review

Sony A7S review has a bayonet Sony E. This means that to her without any adapters fit not only specially designed full-frame lenses labeled FE, and lenses for DSLRs Sony (from the family of Sony NEX, models Sony a5000, a6000, etc. p.). If the camera is mounted lens, designed for “crop”, Sony A7S review it recognizes, and working with them will be used not the whole area of the sensor, and the only part that is equal in size matrix. However, and this can be set in the menu, you can shoot at  optics, utilizing the entire sensor, and have strong vignetting at the edges of the frame – is not a prerequisite for creative shooting?

At the time of publication of the test released just four full-frame lens under DSLRs Sony A7S review. So it is very urgent issue of compatibility with other camera optics. To enhance the ability of the photographer, Sony released a number of adapters on the optics of the SLR bayonet A. For example, an adapter, Sony LA-EA4. It has a built-in autofocus and aperture, allowing it to quickly “focus” lenses of SLR cameras, including lenses from «Minolta», since 1985 release. In addition, the market you can find many adapters on the optics of other manufacturers. Because of the short length of the working Sony A7S review opportunities for installing third-party optics in her much wider than any SLR. Indeed, in the case can easily go rangefinder lenses.

Camera DSLRs Sony A7S review

After removing the lens from the camera, just behind the mount we will see the sensor, and if we press the button while the shutter in front of us zipped shutter curtain. Shutter Sony A7S review able speeds range from 1/8000 to 30 seconds, and the “B” – excerpt “by hand”.

You also have to say about the function of the silent shooting. In this mode, the camera will not just slam the gate softly, as this feature is implemented in some DSLRs. Sony A7S review able to photograph really totally silent. This is achieved by the fact that the exposure at the silent shooting shutter curtain does not work out. Excerpts are processed electronically, so to speak, of the matrix. Available full range of shutter speeds from 1/8000 to 30 seconds, and Bulb.

Camera DSLRs Sony A7S review

Use in this function is the set. It is very useful in sequential shooting, where not made to make noise (theaters, libraries); and when you do not want to find myself at the time of photographing. For example, when the genre of street shooting, or when taking pictures of animals in the wild. Also feature a silent subject is very handy when shooting with a tripod for slow shutter speeds. In operation the shutter may be set up vibrations that lead to micro. At the same noiseless shooting you from fully insured.

As for the menu of the camera Sony A7S review, it is arranged similarly to the rest of the full frame SLRs and is very similar in its logic on the menu SLRs Sony Alpha SLT. The menu is divided into several major categories, each category – several tabs. The menu is quite extensive, because the camera is very flexible in configuration, and lends itself to mass adjustment options.

You do not have to use the bulk main menu to configure basic shooting parameters. Most of them are governed by the buttons and dials. In addition, basic shooting options delivered in a special “Quick Menu” to which we gain access by pressing FN: here, and white balance, and shutter modes, focus, and other necessary things. By the way, the menu button called FN, you can also further customize their own accord, adding there the most frequently used functions, and you put them in the right priority.

Findings – Sony A7S review

Sony A7S review – in their own unique camera. To date, it has the lowest resolution matrix among modern full-frame cameras. But it is not a disadvantage, but rather advantage of this model. Firstly, downsampling possible to achieve incredible results when shooting in low-light and dynamic range as in the photo and in video mode. Secondly, the matrix of the camera is optimized for the highest quality video, including 4K video pixel-to-pixel (but only if you use an external recorder). However, in the conventional Full HD resolution Sony A7S review also works wonders, allowing you to shoot with very high ISO and get in the shot wide dynamic range.

Camera DSLRs Sony A7S review

Add to this thoughtful and fine-tune control, compatibility with different optics, including by means of a very functional branded adapters (retaining autofocus when using many lenses), an abundance of additional features and expandability of the camera by means of installed applications. Do not forget about the Wi-Fi interface with remote camera control from your smartphone. By cons Sony A7S review is attributed only that its ergonomics and interface still require some getting used to, and the relatively small battery time. However, this problem is partly solved by the second battery in the supplied Sony A7S review.

Pros Sony A7S review:

  • unique ability to shoot in low light, low noise;
  • a wide dynamic range;
  • the ability to record video with very high quality;
  • fast, accurate and flexible in configuration autofocus;
  • angled display quality;
  • beautiful electronic viewfinder to output it in any set of information;
  • fast processor Bionz X;
  • very convenient wheel Exposure;
  • Wireless Technology: Wi-Fi and NFC;
  • opportunities to customize control “under him”;
  • empowerment using the app store «Camera Apps»;
  • rich supplied with two batteries.

Cons Sony A7S review:

  • battery life is relatively small;
  • ergonomics of the camera takes some getting used.

OUR SUMMARY – Sony A7S review

Sony A7S review has managed to make the next technological breakthrough in the new camera Sony A7S review. The unique characteristics of the device make available professional opportunities in the field of photography and in the field of video. Thus the camera can handle even the beginner, finding in it a simple setup and automatic modes. Sony A7S review appreciate its immense creative potential for development. Novice photographers can advise Sony A7S review as camera “for growth”, with a large margin for the future.

Of course, the camera will be very interesting and professionals working in the field of photography or video. Videography provides an array of advanced features that were previously available only in much more expensive and cumbersome devices. Photographers will receive the same excellent lightweight full frame camera Sony A7S reviewwith a lightning-quick autofocus, fast burst shooting and the incredible ability to shoot in low light.

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