Announcement SnapCam - tiny camera

Announcement SnapCam – tiny camera

Handheld gadgets are increasingly penetrating our everyday lives. Well, what it really convenient, and hands-free.

A couple of these gadgets presented by iON. This tiny camera weighing 33 g, made in the form of a square the size of a little less than 4 cm. In spite of these small dimensions, the cameras are able to write HD-videos with up to 30 f / s and take 8-megapixel photos.

Feature of tiny camera

Announcement SnapCam - tiny camera

The controls on these babes just one – once on the front face device you take a picture and pointing his finger twice – start recording video. Naturally, no screen or viewfinder of the camera can not boast.

Announcement SnapCam - tiny camera

But it is possible to connect via Wi-Fi and fully manage the process of shooting from the phone or tablet and throw straight into Instagramchik photos. However, it will have to buy an older model  tiny camera SnapCam. Another plus it – less flashy body colors (titanium, white or silver). Younger SnapCam Lite has no onboard wireless module, and all will have to make to the touch. Oh, and stand on your clothes it will be stronger – red and blue still quite bright.

Video presentation of novelties tiny camera:

Battery Both gadgets able to live a long time – it will last for 5000 photos or 2 hours of continuous video shooting. The cost of the high-end model  tiny camera is $ 200, and the youngest index Lite – $ 80.

Source: cnet

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