New covers for iPhone 6 confirm the transfer button

Apple – a company with a bunch of secrets. However, its products are assembled at a huge number of Asian workers that can reveal some of the secrets of the company. Given what interest the future iPhone 6 is the public seems to be waiting for us daily leakage up to the output device.

There are those for whom timely leaks are an opportunity to earn. I’m talking about producing accessories. Relying on their sources and the resulting models and diagrams, Chinese manufacturers are already hard at work covers to be the first to offer its wholesalers covers not yet released iPhone.

Previously, due to the well-proven resource Nowhereelse already surfaced photo covers for new items, but we have to admit, it was difficult for her to see anything. New photos, published by the same resource – is another matter. It is assumed that these cases were made by the new scheme recently leaked iPhone

Images confirm everything that we’ve heard before: a larger screen, the rounded edges of the device, elongated volume buttons and button Power, located on the right side. Of course there were cases when hasty Chinese manufacturers accessories made mistakes, but to date has surfaced too many rumors that confirm each other. Doubt that the future iPhone 6 will fit well in the case shown, is almost gone.

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