How to choose a budget smartphone on Android?

Entitled “How to choose the phone on Android “can devote unless thesis, at least abstract. We focus on the text and overview videos, benchmark results, comparisons with competitors and even on many factors, but if the choice is limited to the scope of the budget – to make a decision will be much harder. In pursuit of an attractive price tag manufacturers often waive any “excesses” (as people do not consider them as such), so you have to compromise.


The first and most serious flaw, which have almost all the budget Android-smartphone – the lack of updates. Even in 2014 the segment of low-cost phones in most cases operate at 4.0/4.1, and although the new KitKat positioned as a focus on simple phones with 512 Mb RAM, while the theory is at odds with the practice. Owners middle class models are not able to get an official firmware update, and hosts the most inexpensive phone with a green robot on such luxuries do not dare to dream.

The second important thing is the shell of the device. If the flagship brand with TouchWiz’om from Samsung has problems, it is difficult to imagine the performance observed in the simplest devices Galaxy Ace / Young / Fame / Star and others. Stock Android’a somehow averse producers.

What do you need from a smartphone?

Without a clear definition of the tasks that should solve your phone is not in the budget segment orient ever.

For example, fans do selfie in “Instagram” should give preference to models with physical access to key camera – because the front Photomodule affordable devaysakh usually there, and find the touch shutter button oh how difficult. Wishing to cover your way on the way home in the evening is better to pay attention to the presence of flash – just this little thing often withdraw from budget phones with a view … although, if you think about, really tiny flashlight so significantly affect the final price tag?

Furthermore, there is pricing vendors A-list when device features do not correspond to its value, especially immediately after the release and there’s no getting around it … Well, maybe, buy a smartphone comes from China – but who do you want to go with the device from the manufacturer with an unpronounceable name?

What are the alternatives?

Sometimes, in order to spend less than in conventional stores, the price for a new smartphone have to take risks: to master the intricacies of using PayPal and purchases with Ebay or Amazon, send money prepaid resellers, fearing to get through the week expectations “pig in a poke” with with broken pixels on the screen. Too complicated for this task ordinary housewife or student technologist?

And if marketing and brands loud for you are important, it is better not to buy a budget phone in the first month of sales: 1) low cost Android smartphones are getting cheaper quickly, and 2) during that time will show information about the operation in the home of the first buyers, including, often marriages occurring – it’s sure to help make the right choice.

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