[Concept] iWatch, which do not look like a clock

Ongoing debate about the not yet released product from Apple recently reduced to the fact that “the team iWatch” is not necessarily preparing to launch smart watches. Most consumers do not replace your expensive luxury or just a convenient accessory to the electronic device. At the same time float rumors that a wearable accessory lot of attention will be given to tracking the health of the owner. In light of recent ideas and speculations coming up with new concepts device, which must leave no later than this year. One of these concepts highlighted resource Business Insider.

Designer Todd Hamilton in his work repelled by the idea of ​​iWatch, as a minor accessory, which of course can replace the clock, but it does not look like a clock, and nothing prevents wear it on the one hand with the already familiar chronometer. At the same time, as an accessory is closely monitoring the health (the blood, heart rate), it can be called sports. In fact, the work of the designer – is a Nike FuelBand from Apple.

The concept incorporates the rumors of a curved display. Also pictured device is equipped with Siri, sports apps and Health. Judging from the video, the device operates on the adapted version of iOS 7. Opinions may differ, but in my opinion – is the best option from a wearable device of all, we have shown uncomplicated to Apple designers.

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