Review of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Core i8262

Before the era of smart phones diversity allows each user to choose a device to taste – a riot of shapes and colors allowed. When smart phones began their victorious march across the planet, then the variety there is not a trace. Boring rectangular blocks have recently begun to be diluted colored buildings, but mostly design is still the same – rectangular “bricks” with rounded or sharp corners, most of which is touch-sensitive screen. It is difficult to develop this concept and come up with something radically new, but there is always an opportunity to improve the existing, to make the device more accessible, more productive or more convenient.

The most successful example of this can serve as smart phones Samsung. Immediately see the difference in the models in recent years (even different lines) is impossible, and it makes little sense – the company claims that specifically uses an identical design to allow smartphone owners to focus on the functional component devices. No need to get used to the new form or arrangement of buttons – you can immediately enjoy the ability to update your smartphone. Our today’s hero is just out of the discharge of such devices. Core Samsung Galaxy i8262 does not shine design refinements, but for a relatively low price offers the wearer a full range of features that are considered standard for a smartphone in 2013. Let’s take a closer look with the i8262.


At our first meeting with the i8262 there is a feeling of smoothness and slipperiness of the device. But then the fears disappear and remains a pleasant feeling of a compact, thin and rounded on all sides of the unit.

Tightly knit body does not creak, the lid does not flex, when tapped notice that there is no empty space inside. The device has an optimal weight does not seem too easy or hard – everything in moderation.

Front panel, probably contains most elements – both design and functionality. Here you can see the front camera, combined with the proximity sensor, speaker hole, logo, sign DUOS, which indicated support for two SIM-cards, and at the bottom – the general mechanical Home button and two context-sensitive sensor – Menu and Back. Home is comfortable, well-pressed, though its course and small.

All four face buttons are busy smartphone or connectors. On the left is a volume control on the right – the screen lock button on the bottom edge – the port of micro-USB, and placed on top of a headphone jack.

The rear panel is a very thin cover, which, however, firmly attached and did not play. It covers the battery compartment and card slots and SIM-cards. Interestingly, hot swapping is only available for the second SIM, since other connections sealed battery.

The camera module is not much sticking out, so the lid has a smooth “build-up”, with a square opening for the lens. Next – a flash, flashlight, and on the other side of the hole for the audio signal.

Display with a diagonal of 4.3 inches – perfect, in our view, the size – it’s not a huge five-six-inch “shovel”, but not small screen on which it is difficult to type messages. The device is excellent in hand and wearing no bulging pocket.

Display, sound, camera

Oddly enough, but not i8262 automatic display brightness control. Instead, in the notification bar is always present a slider that controls the brightness. On the one hand, we would like to fully automate, and on the other – much easier to adjust the backlight for a particular situation. The screen has a very large margin of brightness (maximum of 300 cd/m2), in most cases 25%, only when the output of the sun had set 75-90%. Juicy and vibrant color, very intense, than the “famous”, some devices Samsung, but in this case it’s quite a riot of colors does not hurt the eyes.

Despite the low resolution, the screen is almost invisible pixels, so read the book or watch a movie without problems. The screen responds well to touch and proximity sensor works correctly in all cases.

The sound of the Samsun Galaxy G Core i8262 sufficiently loud and quality. If you use a good pair of headphones, the sound issues do not arise. If the standard play for some reason are not satisfied, you can use the equalizer, which is, even in the official pre-installed player.

Megapixel camera smartphone makes photos of decent quality. Front only 0.3 MP and her except for use as a webcam. The camera starts very slowly, as slowly as it switches modes (for example, on or off the flash requires two clicks, other functions are also hidden in the various sub-menus). Saving files and transfer from the camera to the app gallery – also not a quick process, and with the overall speed of the machine is a bit does not correlate.

Operating System and Software

The smartphone runs on Android 4.1.2 with a proprietary shell TouchWiz. It contains a lot of different options and unique features. For example, you can enable intelligent backlight and the screen will not go out until you look at it. Or use the application S-Voice, an analogue of Siri – the machine will carry your voice commands, so only need to speak English.

Opportunities available to the user to configure the device, for example, block calls and messages from selected contacts at a certain time of day. You can change fonts and interface design desktops.

Loved the “silent alert” is activated when taking the smartphone in your hand. Since it does not need to unlock the deviceand check for new messages or missed calls – you just take the device in hand.

In the smartphone2 SIM-card but the radio is one, so at the same time they can not work. Mutual forwarding solves this problem.

Processor with a frequency of 1.2 GHz and 1 GB of RAM – average, but enough of them to the smartphone did not brake, not a “stutter” and even demanding games run on it without problems. The smooth interface and the normal operation of most applications is guaranteed.


The device pleased for everybody – from the brightness of the screen, which lacked even a sunny day, and ending with autonomy. In normal usage scenarios i8262 can last a little more than a day. Filmed with a charge in the morning at 9 o’clock, a smartphone stand all day with calls and messages + work in social networks, and the next “feeding” it took as much on the second day by noon. At night, all network connections are turned off, the room was used almost minimal lighting, worked two SIM-cards, one of which 3G.

The system settings and the menu itself somewhat overloaded, but compared with the flagship Galaxy S4, it seems simple. Well help quick buttons settings derived on the notification bar, and also adjust the screen brightness slider.

Compact enough housing i8262 pleasure to hold in your hand, but with the active use of the network (for example, watching online videos or actively surfing) okolokamernaya area seriously hot. However, this does not cause much inconvenience as heating area is small, and the body cools down quickly enough.

The voice quality is excellent, and if you do not have enough volume during a conversation, you can turn the gain by pressing a special button. By the way, the opening speaker is decorated in such a way that the lattice slightly protrudes beyond. These are not loops key fob, as some might think, but for the ring tone was clearly audible even when the machine is on a soft surface.

Vibrating alert was surprisingly powerful and miss a call when muted impossible.


Samsung Galaxy Core i8262 – a good quality unit and the most famous manufacturer of smartphones. If you do not mind the plastic glossy casing and the fact that 98% of other Samsung models have a similar design, this device is for you. Bright and contrast screen, work with two SIM-cards, convenient extras from Samsung and democratic value – that is basic and very attractive features of this model.

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