Gaming Mouse Gigabyte Aivia Uranium. External display – luxury or necessity?

In the segment of gaming peripherals users already hard to surprise. Highly sensitive sensors, software functionality and thoughtful approach to the ergonomics of the device – all this has long been a mandatory attribute upscale gamepad. Gigabyte has decided to go a slightly different way, presenting a wireless gaming mouse Gigabyte Aivia Uranium, a set of information display, built-in dock. Let’s look at it needed an accessory GamePad and how good the rest of the new product.


Gigabyte positioning line gaming peripherals Aivia as premium, which resulted primarily in packaging and packaging model Uranium. The device comes in a large package, you will find that opening case of high quality cardboard, foam where the form is a manipulator, a docking station and a small box with two AA batteries, with a capacity of 2100 mAh, removable Teflon feet, wiping cloth and documentation.


Uranium manipulator design can not be considered extravagant, we have the usual matte gray plastic, no frills. On the top panel there are two customizable keys under the index finger, and in the hollow behind the scroll wheel shift lever sensitivity and two keys, responsible for working with the mouse settings. Thumb – the traditional “Next” and “Back”. All the keys are short and sharp turn, use them conveniently. Except wheel has vertical and horizontal scrolling still happy and informative way, and not rubberized coating allows the finger to slip during operation.


Dimensions Gigabyte Aivia Uranium – 130 × 78 × 40 mm, asymmetrical design. Mouse suitable for large male hands, but, unfortunately, the case can not be named because of the absence of any uhvatistym hooks for fingers. Manipulator weight with batteries is installed weight of 170 grams, the battery compartment is at the rear of the chassis. Weight Uranium is not a record, although close to it, but in such dimensions, I would like to see a more balanced design. Given the placement of the battery, the rear portion of the manipulator turned noticeably heavier, which adversely affects the balance and ease of use. The center of mass of the mouse shifted back to the right and left sensor forward, as a result we get an increased inertia and large angular shift even under normal movements of the controller. Hull form with such balance and weight is not very conducive to comfortable prolonged use. But the build quality of Uranium no claims.

Docking Station

The main highlight of Aivia Uranium is a docking station equipped with a built-in OLED-display – Ghost Macro Station. Miniature screen to display information about the current settings of the mouse, such as indicator dpi, the selected profile, sampling rate and the battery level. And the controls are located on the mouse can help you configure the above parameters on the fly, without the distraction of switching between game and software. Moreover, Ghost Macro Station allows you to override the functionality of additional keys and save the settings in one of the five available profiles. On the dock are two buttons with which you can adjust the display brightness. Have the ability and inclination to change it.

In addition to displaying information about the parameters of the controller, Ghost Macro Station serves as a receiver, running at 2.4 GHz. Also included is the ability to charge the mouse via an exhaust micro-USB cable. During the tests, no problems with both wired and wireless connection have arisen. For full dock requires two free USB-port.


Ghost Macro Station, with all its functionality, can not completely eliminate the use of proprietary software Ghost Engine. The program not only provides the same capabilities as the Ghost Macro Station, but also the function of creating macros and customize the dock. The disadvantages include the Ghost Engine lurid appearance and poor quality localization.

For tracking movements Gigabyte Aivia Uranium responsible sensor with laser illumination Philips Twin Eye with a maximum resolution of 5600 dpi and a sampling rate of 1000 Hz. Sensor settings not dazzling, nevertheless, during the test no problem with it arose.

Unambiguous plus manipulator is autonomy. The manufacturer claims Aivia Uranium for 50 hours in the game mode with maximum performance, which is not surprising, given the total capacity of the battery package. In practice, the controller of the week shown on a single charge in a mixed mode at 8-10 hours of use per day.


Gigabayte Aivia Uranium – mouse with an interesting idea, but not very successful implementation. Novelty be taken as a conceptual product, reflecting the company’s search for new ideas in the segment of game controllers. The main drawbacks of the manipulator – flaws in ergonomics, bad balance and a high price, which at the time of testing was about 960 USD.


+ Concept Information Display
+ Runtime


– Too simple body materials
– Not the most ideal ergonomics
– Unsuccessful balance
– Price

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