The process of creating a smartphone 2015: from concept to finished product

The process of creating a smartphone 2015: from concept to finished product

The process of creating a smartphone 2015: from concept to finished product

Creating a smartphone 2015 – it’s a long, complicated and time-consuming process that often lasts for several months and even years. Sometimes we find out all the information about the new device directly to its presentation, but most of the characteristics often leaked to the network long before the advent of the smartphone market. Let’s see how manufacturers are moving towards the creation of the smartphone 2015 and the difficulties encountered in their path.


Since the introduction of the concept before the smartphone market may take more than a year. The device can be changed beyond recognition, but while the smartphone 2015 is on paper, the probability of leakage is minimized. This is due to the fact that access to the beginning of the production process has a limited number of people who are not interested in the leak.

Crumbs of information to patents

During the preparation of the smartphone to the production process is often a time when the web start appearing Article analysts who speculated about what will eventually be a device. Often they are based on various patents of the company, which allegedly shows the layout of the smartphone. In most cases it is not so, and that in the early analysts suggest, is nonsense.

Potential “holes”

Leaks begin with the process of ordering components. Production company orders a variety of items for the smartphone on various plants, where the probability of “plum” information is quite high. At this stage, we often know what processor or RAM will be installed in the new product.

However, at this point, knowing that the leakage is inevitable, let us start false rumors to distract people from the real information.

After fabrication of the first ready-device companies begin their testing. Therefore, we can often see a variety of information leakage from synthetic benchmarks like Geekbench or AnTuTu. They tend to show a part of internal components of the device and a code name given to it.

Before the presentation of the gadget, we can sometimes see banner ads or videos related to innovation. Does this company specifically or not, to learn quite hard.


The certification process must pass every smartphone, but it’s the right step to the sink information. Often manufacturers pulled the certification process as far as possible, to avoid unnecessary rumors.

Slide smartphone 2015

After passing all the challenging stages of designing and creating a smartphone manufacturers are moving to his presentation. Some companies create and send invitations and put on a show from the announcement of new devices, and some get off the usual press release .

In any case, after the presentation of new items to the public is finally becoming aware of all of its characteristics, which bit by bit going on for several months.

The sale

The final stage of the whole of this complex process is the beginning of the smartphone 2015 sales. Often manufacturers are starting to pre-order the device, and only after some time the gadget can be in the hands of the user.

In any case, as we see, to create a new smartphone 2015 – is not an easy task, and manufacturers spend a lot of time and effort, so you can keep in the hands of a new quality gadget.

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