BOLT 2: universal "battery charger" with built-in battery

BOLT2: universal “battery charger” with built-in battery

BOLT 2: universal "battery charger" with built-in battery

Nowadays, more and more devices that are necessary for our daily lives. But there is only one problem, which is difficult to solve. Namely, it will be about batteries in various devices. The life of our devices is largely dependent on the battery. And the more capacity battery, then more time will live your device.

But for the moment, the technology has not reached such a level that our device has lived more than 1 or 2 days. In some cases, our device and lacking a single day life. Many companies and developers put the main task of solving this problem. But the results are obvious on a straight line.

One of the solutions to the problem was the use of portable and universal charger. On the market a lot of standby power “pocket” format. The choice of the owners of smartphones and tablets are awesome. And basically no data deficiencies chargers.

Today, let’s look at another project from the creators of BOLT2. Creators BOLT2 of this project understand the purpose and use of loadable various devices in your life. Therefore, the creators of the project decided to stand out not only in design and capacity of the battery.

What is the main task is to put the creators for a new device BOLT2?

BOLT 2: universal "battery charger" with built-in battery

What did they do? Then theirs new charger portable device differs from other devices in our market? The creators have built a universal charger that can be taken on the road and not to use various other accessories for this.

Why should we carry around a bunch of gadgets when you can get one?

Principal features of the new device BOLT2

Output power BOLT2 – 2,4 amps. The device has a 6000 mAh battery. In addition, equipped with 2 USB ports and BOLT2 able to charge 2 devices at the same time.

The main difference from the competition is charging. And that while charging your device will be four times faster than the competition.

BOLT 2: universal "battery charger" with built-in battery

The invention can be easily connected to any outlet from 100 to 240 volts. A great thing for travelers, as your device must be something to feed.

Now developers are raising money to start mass production. Pre-order price – $ 35. The release is expected in July 2015.

But still, we would like to have in the future, such a battery, enough time to work for a week or more. Let’s hope that the future are tomorrow comes, and inventors solve the basic problem in our lives.

Source: KickStarter

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