Hiking solar panel with battery Pinsum PSM4000

Hiking solar panel with battery Pinsum PSM4000

Hiking solar panel with battery Pinsum PSM4000

The Chinese company has introduced Pinsum travel charger PSM4000. The model is equipped with solar panels and its own battery that can be attributed to a segment of its Solar PowerBank. Pinsum PSM4000 designed for attachment to a backpack, tent or other equipment to collect and store energy in the campaign.

Unlike most similar devices, this charger is not carried in the form of a parallelepiped and the streamlined shape of an oval. The intention of such housing is more convenient in the field. The model is designed to charge all USB compatible mobile devices, such as cameras, smartphones, navigators, iPods, etc.

Solar PowerBank certified according to CE, FCC, and ROHS. Its battery capacity was 4000 mAh. Input and output indicators are 5V / 1A. Although the passport battery is guaranteed for 500 charge cycles, the manufacturer claims that even after three years of use and 800 recharge cycles the product will be able to carry an 80% charge.

The model is able to charge 4 hours in bright sunlight and give the charge for a half hour. Power bank protected against short circuit, over power and capacity. Its dimensions are 0.8 cm thick, 8.4 cm wide and 14.1 cm in length. Product weight is at 122 grams. Model sample 2015 is available in OEM production and can be supplied with any company logo.

Source: Pinsum

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