3 Things that Damage Your Smartphone Battery

3 Things that Damage Your Smartphone Battery

The recommendations for use of the smartphone battery are so unrealistic that rarely followed by users. However, there are a number of habits that contribute to the slow death of your smartphone, but they are easy to solve. You need to stop doing 3 things we talked about below.

1. Hold smartphone at high temperatures

3 Things that Damage Your Smartphone Battery

As you know, the heat is usually a bad sign for most electronic devices.

Android heating can occur in several ways. You use your smartphone to the limit of its possibilities. For example, if you run a powerful game or application on low spec smartphone, then it can be heated, therefore, a problem for the battery.

There are applications that report on the temperature of the smartphone at all times. One of these applications is CPU-Z. You can check the temperature that ideally should be kept below 40%.

2. Frequent recharging

3 Things that Damage Your Smartphone Battery

The multiple charges are not usually a good thing for the smartphones. There is still the false belief that short charges of smartphone impairs the life cycle. It is not exactly true.

We recommend that you avoid frequent recharges.  This means that it is better to charge your smartphone once daily at 100% than a few times a day for a couple of tens of percent.

3. Make the battery reaches the minimum

3 Things that Damage Your Smartphone Battery

One of the main problems for a smartphone battery is 0% charge. Smartphone batteries usually save a minimum of energy, even after shutting down, however, if the battery reaches true 0%, and it does not turn on, then you need to go to a service center.

And if your smartphone showed 0%, then turned off, you do not need to turn it on again. It will harm the battery.

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