Review of gamer headset Genius GX Zabius

Review of gamer headset Genius GX Zabius

Review of gamer headset Genius GX Zabius

We continue to observe a series of gaming accessories Genius GX. Keyboard Genius Imperator Pro has been very interesting solution for its price. And on today’s agenda – a cross-platform gamer headset Genius GX Zabius, which is compatible not only with a PC – but also with popular gaming consoles.

Packaging equipment Genius GX Zabius

Headphones come in a heavy box, made in branded aggressive colors. Options are very generous, namely:

  • adapter type “tulip”
  • cable to connect the headset to the Xbox 360 gamepad
  • detachable microphone
  • data sheet

Perhaps, to be completely happy gamer is not enough just any cover for transportation. Otherwise, the range of accessories allows you to connect the headset to the most popular devices.

Review of gamer headset Genius GX Zabius

Design and Ergonomics Genius GX Zabius

The headset is attractive for its coloring, consisting of symbiosis black and red colors. Doug and cups made of glossy plastic. Last bit of Mark, but on the black prints are almost invisible. Genius GX Zabius headband made of pleasant material, it is automatically adjusted to the wearer’s head, which is undoubtedly cool and comfortable, but will be unusual for those who are used to configure this yourself.

Cups made partly of plastic, on their outer side and metallic inserts present LEDs. Recent bright red equalizes the bass. It looks pretty lively and interesting, but turned off when there is a wish and need to, you can not. Speaker diameter is 40 mm. They are covered with a cloth with a brand logo. For the comfort ears owner ear cushions also covered with a special fabric, which provides good ventilation and prevents the formation of sweat. Fixed headphones on his head hard enough.

In the left cup Genius GX Zabius is an opening for connecting the supplied microphone. The latter can be considered a quality solution. In terms of ergonomics, no claims to the microphone, it is ideally oppression in all directions, and during operation is directly at the mouth of the owner.

Review of gamer headset Genius GX Zabius

Wire from the headphones is quite long (3 meters) and flexible, protective cover is made of a material resembling rubber. Directly into the headphone wire hidden in the outer arc that gives hope for durability even in active operation. At the end of the line there is a pair of branches – the main USB-connector and audio connector.

Convenient control Genius GX Zabius ensure the availability of the remote, located on the wire closer to the head of the owner. On the panel are present:

  • lights
  • Headphone volume control wheel
  • setting dial chat on Xbox
  • mode switch PC-PS3 / Xbox
  • Switch Microphone
  • Auxiliary audio jack 2.5 inches to connect to Xbox gamepad

Feet on the bottom of the remote can be safely attributed to the category of useless, because of meager weight of the console. Fix the control unit on a table or other surface will perhaps-that with adhesive tape or electrical tape. But light is really the place – it lights up red in the normal mode and green when the microphone is turned on.

The sound quality Genius GX Zabius

Listening to music with these headphones – fun controversial. Thanks to the good elaboration low and medium frequencies – Genius GX Zabius suit lovers of bass hip-hop`a or some forms of electronic music. Once again on the pleasant illumination cups while playing the bass. But with heavy music sound overall picture is a bit blurry in the summit.

But gaming headset behaves perfectly. In the cult shooters like Quake and Counter Strike perfectly listen to their opponents’ movements on a map that allows you to quickly respond to changes in the gaming environment. For films with loud explosions and action scenes Genius GX Zabius also be recommended.

Of special mention is the high quality sound recording to the built-in microphone. Therefore you can comfortably communicate not only in games, but with the help of the popular Skype and Hangouts. The voice quality is more than satisfactory. No impurities outside sounds or noises.

From gaming consoles to test the headset failed due to simple lack of devices of this class next door.


Subjective impressions of use Genius GX Zabius I were a bit mixed. I really liked the sound quality, especially considering the price tag, impressed with built-in microphone and rich equipment. Undoubtedly, the cross-platform headphones and able to use them with popular consoles is to be commended, as the presence of output for connection to video equipment.

Review of gamer headset Genius GX Zabius

On the other hand, I am having a claim to the design of the headset. My ears (unlike contented man in the photo) is banal does not fit entirely into the cup headphones, which is why I felt a pressing force and pressure on the head. After a couple hours of play, the ears started to ache a bit corny. In normal times, I use old KOSS UR20, whose larger diameter ear cushions – there my ears fit like a glove. For this reason, I recommend to check before buying as Genius GX Zabius will sit specifically for you, because with this accessory you’ll spend a few hours a day.

I would really like to see proprietary software to fine-tune the microphone, sound and lighting, which can interfere with others at a later time.

The next thing that should take into account the future owner – the type of connection. To connect to a PC using USB-only connection. This is due to the sound card in the control panel. If you prefer to use the headset for listening to music on the go – Genius GX Zabius – not the best choice because of the awkwardness of construction and the need to carry around a USB-OTG cable. In this case, more interesting looks portable version of the headset Genius GX Zabius with the prefix “M”.


Review of gamer headset Genius GX Zabius

Today Genius GX Zabius can be found for  $ 52. Given the exchange rate fluctuations – it is quite a reasonable price for universal gaming headset with good workmanship, excellent microphone, bright illumination and an extensive set of delivery. Should pay attention to some of the nuances of ergonomics, connection type and elaborate treble. The rest – Genius GX Zabius a good candidate for the role of budget gaming headphones.


  • build quality and materials used
  • excellent microphone
  • the presence of the backlight and remote control
  • sound picture in gaming mode
  • quite decent sound for certain genres of music
  • price

Controversial points:

  • ergonomics cups depends on the size of the ears of the owner
  • bulky structure
  • a kind of lubrication treble
  • USB connection is not likely to appeal to all
  • no proprietary software

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