Farm 432 – almost free source of protein in the home

Industrial designer Catherine Unger (Katharina Unger) has developed an environmentally sustainable system that allows people at home to get protein for cooking. However, the main consumable product and the finished result of the device are the larvae of flies.

The system for collecting protein called Farm 432. It is a large chamber comprising several compartments. Each of them is a specific process step “production” of protein. It begins with a small compartment, and places a few maggots “black soldiers.” It larvae mature and transform into flies. After that flies can fly out of the bay, but the direction of their flight is very limited, and they fall into a large chamber. The camera flies mate and lay eggs from which larvae are new. These larvae fall through the holes in the camera, affectionately called “kindergarten”. There they feed and grow. Eventually this chamber, they crawl through the pipe in a removable bowl. This process calls the “self harvest.” This cup larvae are extracted and can subsequently be used for two destinations. A small number of larvae placed back in the upper compartment 432 Farm restart cycle and removing fly larvae. But most of the larvae can be used for cooking.

As the developer, the larvae of flies, “black men” are one of the most efficient converters of protein among all insects. They are 42% protein, include a large amount of calcium and amino acids. And, for their supplies can be used biological waste, and adults do not need food. Thus, to produce the protein does not require large expenditures. The manufacturing process also does not require large amounts of water and does not cause release CO2. Nevertheless, the efficiency is high Farm 432. For the cycle duration of 18 days from 1 gram of egg flies “black soldiers” can get 2.4 kg of protein from larvae.

Currently, the device Farm 432 is not intended for general use, although it is possible. And he clearly does not fit squeamish people. However, according to the most Catherine Unger, obtained with the help of the product does not cause an unpleasant taste. She noted that the larvae have a very distinctive taste, and they make the process of cooking aroma of boiled potatoes.

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