Belkin WeMo switch: “smart” socket in every home

The idea of ​​a smart home for a long time interest of many manufacturers. Some have already provided interesting gadgets and technologies to help people in dealing with everyday household tasks. Among them, the company Belkin, which has released a unique device – a “smart” outlet that is controlled by iPhone.

Belkin WeMo switch refers to a pleasant and useful accessory that uses modern technology to solve everyday problems. She is able to connect to a Wi-Fi-networks and electrical power management using a mobile application. The principle of operation is simple gadget: WeMo switch is inserted into an ordinary electrical outlet, and then directly to the accessory itself turns appliance. Inside the case of “smart” plug installed wireless Wi-Fi-module and the controller power supply.

Application for managing WeMo switch is available for download from the App Store. The setup process takes less than two minutes. You need to enable the device to the network and run the application on the iPhone. Then connect the phone to remain WeMo switch for setting outlet.

Now you can turn into any household WeMo switch device and manage it remotely powered. For example, if you leave the house and can not remember or do not turn off the iron, WeMo enough to run the application on your phone, and one-click turn off the power outlet by turning off the inclusion of a device. If necessary, manage power outlet connected to a smart device can be directly on the device. The main body of WeMo switch has a dedicated button to power on.

In Russia, the accessory is priced at 7,000 rubles, which is quite expensive for such a utilitarian devices (in Europe, the price of the gadget 49.99 euros). Certainly, among the “tehnogikov” and fans of modern devices will be those who will want to remotely turn on and off the fan or a floor lamp and no longer worry about the burning irons and other flammable devices. That’s just the way to smart home must comply with certain mandatory conditions. Set home Wi-Fi-network have iPhone (Belkin WeMo switch only works with smartphones Apple) and be prepared to part with quite an impressive amount.

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