Bowflex Boost: a bracelet for health monitoring for $ 50

On the website of the Federal Agency for Communications (FCC) lit up “smart” device called the Bowflex Boost. Accessory from the renowned manufacturer of weights is a touch bracelet aimed at sports fans. The main task is to collect new items of information about the number of calories that are burned every day users.

In the market a lot of similar fitness trackers, what’s special about it? Unlike the Nike FuelBand, Jawbone Up and Fitbit Flex Bowflex bracelet will be very cheap. The cost of the accessory will be only $ 50, which is much cheaper than most budget-friendly option Fitbit Flex.

Despite the affordable price, Bowflex Boost users will receive a good pedometer and sleep monitoring device data synchronization with the application for the iPhone via Bluetooth. The gadget can also calculate the calories burned. The program is now available in the App Store.

Bowflex Boots offers access to third-party applications, such as MapMyRun, and has a decent battery life, which is very important for such devices.

Start selling Bowflex Boots is scheduled for September.

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