Quick review of external portable drive Seagate Slim hard drive to 500 GB


Come up with something new with external drives today is quite difficult, so companies have started to pay attention to the design of such devices. In Seagate decided to support the trend and release a series of external HDD Slim in a compact package. Let’s see whether the rate was the design.


Seagate Slim looks really nice, the device is formed in the body thickness of only 9.6 mm and length of 113.5 mm and a width of 76 mm.

quick-review-external-portable-drive-seagate-slim-hard-drive-500-gb-raqwe.com-02This is one of the most compact external hard drives available today.

quick-review-external-portable-drive-seagate-slim-hard-drive-500-gb-raqwe.com-03For its size it is far away from smartphones and fits easily even in a jeans pocket, not that jacket.

quick-review-external-portable-drive-seagate-slim-hard-drive-500-gb-raqwe.com-04The entire top panel of the drive is made of brushed aluminum, it is located on the Seagate logo and slot indicator light.

quick-review-external-portable-drive-seagate-slim-hard-drive-500-gb-raqwe.com-05The lower part of Slim plastic, while the sides somehow made glossy and bottom – matte. 


Proceedings of the device well withstand scratches, so it’s not scary to throw in your pocket with keys.


At the core is ultra-thin Slim single-platter 2.5-inch hard disk capacity of 500 GB with a speed of 5400 rev / min, and a 16 MB cache. This compact drive, Seagate has developed specifically for Ultrabooks. The speed of this hard drive is very good, if you connect via a USB 3.0 port it demonstrates the speed record at 108.3 MB / s read and 105.2 MB / s.



This is a good result for such a compact drive. Seagate Slim works quietly and almost no heat. Included with the device is software Seagate Dashboard, which can be used to back up files from your computer, as well as from social networks, but they do not necessarily enjoy.

As a result,

It turned out nice Seagate external portable storage device that is well suited for use with the ultrabook. Very often they come with a 128 GB SSD, and the cost versions with 256 GB overstated.


+ Design
+ Size and weight
+ The speed of the

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