Iblazr the flash for the iPhone and Android will fund on Kickstarter


The creators of the flash iblazr for iPhone and Android-smartphone will start a campaign to raise funds for the service Kickstarter.com in order to obtain financing in the amount of $ 58,000. This is the developers wrote on their official page VKontakte.

iblazr – the world’s first “smart» LED-flash for mobile devices that uses a standard 3.5-mm audio jack. It is a compact lamp with four status LEDs that can act both as a flash, and as a flashlight, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android-powered devices.

iblazr is equipped with some of the most powerful portable LEDs on the market. It produces more than 100 lux at 1 meter light in movie mode (up to 8 times more than the iPhone) and more than 180 lux of light in flash mode (up to five times more than the iPhone), the developers say. Optical amplifying capabilities LED, has a total thickness of 1 mm, but allows the light beam of 60 degrees.


The device is controlled by a specific application that is installed on the smartphone. Already there are programs for the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and the HTC One X. The program allows you to get rid of red-eye and adjust the brightness when operated.

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