Dock Sarvi Dock: when cover is not an obstacle

Sarvi Dock – a new docking station for mobile Apple, which completely supports all models of gadgets in all cases and cases. A kind of universal dock for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Currently Sarvi Dock collects investments kraudfandingovoy platform Kickstarter.

Accessory designers have come up with a unique technology to connect devices to the dock, which is not dependent on the availability of case study, the selected interface or the device size. This is achieved through a wide angle connector (15 degrees) and the special design of the stand. It uses standard cables or old Lightning with a 30-pin interface that come with the iPhone and iPad.

Although Sarvi Dock and repeats a certain extent, the possibility of the two previous hits – Dock HiRise from the company Twelve South Stand and SETA / NANOTEK , implementation, this model is quite original. Not least because it supports all types of Apple-devices.

Before the end of the collection of funds for the production of Sarvi Dock is another 39 days, but the gadget has already collected $ 3,000. For a contribution of $ 49, you can pre-order the black or the white model of the dock with support for both types of cables. Limited Green series is available for $ 69 apiece. Deliveries accessory to begin in January.

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