Philips has announced a mini radio for iPod and iPhone in retro style

Philips has introduced a mini-radio with built-in dock for the iPhone and the iPod, which combines the latest technology with a design in a retro style. According to a press release, the company , A device made in the style of the legendary radio Philetta, can make the interior a touch of originality.

Philips ORD2105 allows you to enjoy your favorite music with the iPhone / iPod in high quality and simultaneously charges your devices. With its convenient spring-loaded docking port to connect to a docking station any model of iPod or iPhone, without special adapters is not difficult. Install the device in the docking station can be, even if he wore a protective cover.

Philips focuses on technology Bass Reflex, providing deep bass sound. Its distinctive feature is the use of the reflex, which acoustically tuned for low-frequency transducer to optimize the bass sound. Combined with the characteristics of the dynamics of the system extends the overall low frequency range, which allows for deep bass sound.

When you connect the iPhone / iPod in the docking station to synchronize the time, so it does not have to be manually configured. Mini radio has a dual alarm feature, through which you can set different wake-up time for yourself and your loved one, as well as the sleep timer, which allows you fall asleep to your favorite music. Provides audio input to connect to any wireless handheld devices and computers.

New product went on sale for a suggested retail price of $ 180

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