New Nikon D810A - the first digital SLR camera Nikon for astrophotography

New Nikon D810A – the first digital SLR camera Nikon for astrophotography

New Nikon D810A - the first digital SLR camera Nikon for astrophotography

Nikon has announced the release of the camera D810A – the first digital SLR format FX, designed for astrophotography. With support for a variety of special functions and matrix with a resolution of 36.3 million pixels, this model allows you to capture beautiful images of the sky.

Nikon D810A is an optimized version of the camera Nikon D810 – a professional camera with high resolution. This specialized digital SLR camera is equipped with an advanced infrared (IR) Cutfilter that provides four times more sensitive to radiation spectral line H-alpha (with a wavelength of approx. 656 nm).

This model – the first camera Nikon, allowing without additional modification or special accessories to capture the real color of the nebulae with radiation from the spectral lines H-alpha. Apart from the new filter, the camera has a number of other important advantages: high sensitivity ISO, a great resolution and support for special functions. It allows you in great detail to capture the beauty of the starry sky.

Astro HD

Nikon D810A is an optimized version of the model, which has the highest resolution of the entire line of digital SLR cameras Nikon. And in its scope, it has no equal.

New Nikon D810A - the first digital SLR camera Nikon for astrophotography

FX-format matrix provides high contrast images with a resolution of 36.3 million pixels and minimal color distortion. Standard sensitivity range (200-12 800 ISO) can be expanded to the equivalent of 51,200 units of ISO, and 3D noise reduction function allows you to create sharp images with excellent resolution, even at high sensitivity ISO. EXPEED image processing Nikon’s 4 improves the overall performance of the camera.

Infrared (IR) cut filter

Model D810A is truly unique and provides a result that can not be obtained by conventional digital SLR camera. Astrophotography is often used in the model D810. It is well suited for shooting the night sky, but the usual matrix does not allow to create high-quality images of nebulae with radiation at a wavelength of H-alpha.

Most digital SLR cameras equipped with optical filters that limit the transmission of the red rays of the visible light spectrum. This avoids the predominance of red hue on color images. Characteristics of the optical filter D810A were optimized. Compared with the filter model D810 enables it to capture almost four times more red rays within the boundaries of the spectral line H-alpha.

Thanks to this innovation, photographers can capture the “true red” nebulae with radiation at a wavelength of H-alpha, and for this they will not have to modify the camera. Advantages of the D810A also allow you to create great pictures of the sky and some stellar fields.

Special Features

New Nikon D810A - the first digital SLR camera Nikon for astrophotography

D810A model supports a variety of special functions that allow you to effectively meet the challenges of astrophotography. In addition to the parameters Bulb (Bulb) and Time (Exposure Timer) added a new mode Long Exposure Manual (Manual selection of a long exposure). It allows you to set the exposure for up to 900 seconds.

To minimize vibration internal components of the camera during the exposure, turn the electronic shutter front curtain. This way you can avoid blurring even the smallest details. When shooting in Live view mode should use the virtual preview for exposure parameters Bulb (Bulb) and Time (Exposure Timer) – it will provide a clear focus and compose the shot.

As in the camera D810, in this model the image in Live view mode can be increased by 23 times, which allows to perform highly accurate validation of focus. An updated display showing the virtual horizon with red illumination, will exactly set the camera when shooting through the viewfinder.

Increased duration of shooting

Camera D810A optimized for continuous shooting and energy efficient battery, giving the photographer the ability to create thousands of images with long exposures.

Thanks to the high-capacity battery EN-EL15 can be done before 3860 snimkov1 no extra charge – and take even longer if the additional power supply. Additional universal battery pack Nikon MB-D12, which is great for this camera allows you to create up to 10,660 shots without charging. Consistent use of batteries can be installed in the camera settings. To further extend the shooting time, use the optional AC Adapter EH-5b to the power connector EP-5B.

NIKKOR lenses

One of the biggest advantages of the camera D810A – lens compatibility NIKKOR. NIKKOR lenses have been successfully used for astrophotography worldwide. They provide an opportunity to unleash the full potential of the 36.3-megapixel matrix. Camera with such a large number of pixels is very important to use a high-quality optics. Lenses format FX – from high-aperture wide-angle models (eg, AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f / 2.8G ED) to powerful telephoto lenses (such as the AF-S NIKKOR 200mm f / 2G ED VR II) – provide consistent results.

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