Asus may lose the privilege to manufacture Nexus 7

Resource DigiTimes, citing their own “market watchers”, suggests that Asus is preparing for what Google will give the production of third generation Nexus 7 next year to another company. DigiTimes assumptions are based on the fact that Asus started producing a number of new tablets in various categories and on different operating systems. Among their number and the same analog Nexus 7 – HD7 Memo Pad. And many tablets is currently in development. Thus, Asus reportedly looking for a new niche of tablets, where they could realize themselves without the help of the search giant.

The success of the series Nexus 7 has been very positive for the company Asus. And although due to their low cost, the company could not make a lot of money, it has helped raise the image of the brand and better foothold in the market of Android-devices. On the other hand, Asus could be the manufacturer of the new Nexus 10 this year, in support of this there are a few leaks from various shops.

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