Toshiba’s TransferJet can transfer videos from your phone to a computer at a rate of 560 Mbit / s

Toshiba introduced its first TransferJet project this year at CES, but then took a long pause , and we kind of forgot about the small adapter that allows you to transfer videos from your smartphone or tablet to your computer with a giant speed. But these days the company finally announced that the product is ready for the mass market.

The gadget will be of a small micro-USB adapter that connects to your smartphone or tablet (for now only supported Android-powered devices, but Toshiba is in talks with Apple), the device is just a few centimeters away from the computer, which is connected to the receiver and the video starts passed with incredible speed.

TransferJet will be available in December and will be about $ 100 for a pair of adapters. In addition, over time we may see devices already embedded chips that can make the new technology TransferJet wireless data communication standard . However, the exact plans and the release date of the product is not reported.

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