Acer Chromebook CB5

Acer Chromebook CB5 on NVidia Tegra K1 leaked to the network

Acer Chromebook CB5

The Taiwanese company Acer is preparing to release its new Chromebooks called CB5. New laptop Acer Chromebook CB5 according to the Swedish retail chain , as the processor will be the decision of NVidia with 192 graphics cores, Tegra K1. Apparently, we are waiting for the most powerful Chromebooks, not counting Pixel.

Feature Acer Chromebook CB5

If you believe the leak, the CB5 will be set apart from the processor 32 GB SSD, 4 GB of RAM and a display with a diagonal of 13.3″. All this, of course, running Chrome OS. Judging by the photos of the ports on the device will be available two USB 3.0 (one of which rear), HDMI, 3,5 mm jack and power jack. In this body, as for me, it looks quite nice and should not be lost among the other Chromebooks, though not particularly stand out.

Acer Chromebook CB5

Released Acer Chromebook CB5

Home sales are expected on August 1, though this information had been removed from the site retailer. If the upcoming Acer Chromebook CB5 is equipped with a display resolution of FullHD – processor allows something – and this will not cost exorbitant money as Pixel, it has all chances to become an ideal Chromebooks at the moment.

The most interesting aspect, anyway, is still a processor. Earlier Chromebooks actually only used chips from Intel only occasionally dilutable samsungovskimi Exynos. Rapidly gaining popularity portable PC operating system from Google could theoretically be a good platform for NVidia. Judge for yourself, the company lost Qualcomm competition in the smartphone market, and the aforementioned Tegra K1 appears in products rarely. From what immediately comes to mind – it Xiaomi MiPad , and Project Tango. And then, the last will be produced in limited batches exclusively for developers.

Acer Chromebook CB5

So it is quite possible that Acer Chromebook CB5 can be a good use for the chips like K1 and their followers (if they are). Does NVidia wants to fight for this market, or focus on other things, will depend on the company itself, but it seems to me that the chances to wrestle with Intel on the Chrome OS are pretty good.

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