Fotokite Phi - drone on leash

Fotokite Phi – drone on leash

Many people want to buy your own squares copter. But not everyone is convinced that lost control. This requires some experience, but not a cheap drone on leash.

Feature of the drone on leash

The project developers have found a way Fotokite Phi. They offer to buy the same name hybrid drone and kite. New lightweight, compact and do not leave without permission.

The device of drone on leash is controlled by the 8-foot leash.

Fotokite Phi - drone on leash

For manipulation is a special handle. Just press the button and rotate the wrist where it is necessary.

From shooting video no problem. In case there is a mount for the camera. The only negative – the mass Fotokite Phi extremely small. The squares copter not stable in crosswinds.

Fotokite Phi - drone on leash

Folding design. A full charge is enough for a quarter hour flight.

The release is scheduled for May 2016. Now the authors collected funds are not mass production prototype. Pre-orders are made on site Indiegogo. The price of drone on leash is $ 349.

Source: engadget

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