Sony ICF-S80 - radio "for the soul"

Sony ICF-S80 – radio “for the soul”

Sony ICF-S80 - radio "for the soul"

There are people in the world who can not live without good music on the radio. Even when swimming in the pool, take a shower or bath.

It is for these avid music lovers Sony has created a receiver Sony ICF-S80. Model protected by IPX4 standard and absolutely not afraid of water.

Novelty can be mounted in the most unlikely places. Literally anywhere. On the Lake, a hook for towels and so on.

For the foregoing is a special removable handle. It is made of rubber. Among other things, there is a hole in the strap.

Sony ICF-S80 - radio "for the soul"

Management – push-button. Keys are not afraid of moisture. 5 of them are programmed to “fast” start favorite frequencies.

As for the specifications, the output power of the device is 500 mW. Supports automatic shut-off to save energy. As a source of power are the 3 batteries R14. They provide up to 100 hours of battery life.

Home sales scheduled for April 1 number.

Source: ItRevue

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