Apple bought the manufacturer 3D-sensors PrimeSense

Apple has bought Israeli systems developer 3D-imaging company PrimeSense. On Sunday Forbes reported with reference to the publication Calcalist. According to preliminary information, the transaction amount of $ 345 million

According to the newspaper, the deal will be officially announced only two weeks. The fact that the “apple”, the company aims to buy Israeli developer, the media started writing back in July. According to the agency, Prime Sense was the second Israeli company bought by Apple. In January 2012, acquired a giant manufacturer of flash memory chips Anobit.

PrimeSense technology already makes extensive use of the software giant Microsoft Kinect controllers in its game console Xbox. It provides a three-dimensional image of the digital devices. In addition, the products are designed for PrimeSense 3D-scanners, robotic telepresence and visual iRobotTs Ava Controller Asus Xtion, similar in function c Kinect.

Where Apple may use technologies Israeli manufacturer? For example, iTV. According to rumors, “apple”, the TV will support management through gestures.

According to the source, before PrimeSense has attracted $ 85 million from a group of Israeli and U.S. venture capital investors, in particular from Canaan Partners Global, Gemini Israel and Genesis Partners.

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