Top 10 hidden features of iOS 7

With the release of the final version of iOS 7 reviews appear in the Network and various ratings of the new mobile platform Apple. Last week we published an article entitled ” The Top 20 hidden features iOS 7, you should know , “and today journalists Lifehacker made ​​its ranking of the top ten” most important Fitch new “OSes» Apple ».

10. Erase your data to protect against brute force

To access the password-protected data on a stolen mobile device, an attacker would have to pick the correct combination. If you go to Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock -> Delete data in the future after 10 failed password attempts the device will automatically erase all data in the system.

9. Call handling with Siri

Now the application Siri – not only trained voice assistant, but also your personal secretary who can manage logs of calls. For example, to listen to a voice message or call back to the number of missed calls Siri say enough about it.

8. Changing the degree of visibility AirDrop

If the user wishes to create restrictions on who can send files to it, just call control point and go to the section AirDrop, located at the bottom left. Here you must select the users who will see you – all, none, or only contacts. As a result, you will receive requests for file transfers only from authorized users.

7. Night mode maps for driving at night

Maps application allows you to avoid excessive screen brightness mobile device, which in the dark is blinding white. Apple Maps automatically adjusts the display brightness based on time of day, so late in the evening and at night he was “pale”.

6. Compass application with the tool “Level”

The application “Compass” has a second page with a special tool “level”. Just hold the mobile device against the wall as long as the label level will not rise horizontally. This option allows you to specify the horizontal for the objects of the world.

5. Adding a timestamp to messages

Do you want to know the exact time of receipt of a message? This information is available in the Messaging application. Just prolistnite page to the history of talk a little bit to the right and you will see these timestamps.

4. Automatic connection reliable and free Wi-Fi points

iOS 7 simplifies the connection and trusted free hotspot WiFi – the user does not need to perform any additional steps. iPhone automatically detects and connects these networks.

3. Mark messages as read

Previously, users iOS, to celebrate Read all letters, had to go to … bug. Now it has become a new error function. Click the Mark All at the bottom of the page with a list of messages and select the appropriate option.

2. Replacing a dynamic image in a static icon videocall

Users do not always want to insert a picture of your face video calls – for example, when dissatisfied with their appearance. Therefore, iOS 7 provides the ability to make video calls through a special function FaceTime. In this mode, your image is easy to replace a static phone icon.

1. Block calls and messages

If you wish to block calls and messages from specific contacts, go to Settings -> Phone or Messages and locate the Blocked bottom of the page. Click it to add to the black list of new faces or removed from the “rehabilitated” users.

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