Extensions for Google Chrome, which should be set

Extensions for Google Chrome, which should be set

Extensions for Google Chrome, which should be set

For the vast majority of users, Google Chrome has long been transformed from a program to search for seals in this working tool. So now I want to tell you about the extensions that will make your life even easier on the Internet. Okay, Google.


Let’s start with our selection of expansion, which in real time unit conversion and currency convenient for you. For example, you read the review, but the price of the device is listed in Indian rupees, or found an interesting article on Wikipedia, but all measurements are in feet. With AutoConvert you no longer need to keep constantly on hand converter, simply move the cursor to the desired item and a miracle happens – you will see the price in native hryvnias (USD) and the size – in centimeters (meters). The first (and only) setting expansion need to spend about five minutes, but then it will save much more time.


Easy navigation in any program – a very important part, but when it comes to the browser – the key. In Google Chrome, this point is very well laid out. That only is the combination of Ctrl + Shift + T. How many times it saved your life? CrxMouse developers have gone further and created an extension that using conventional mouse gesture replaces everyday clicks. Want to open the search results in a new window? No question. Simply swipe the appropriate link. Not want to go back to previous page? Is not a problem. Pinch right key and spend anywhere from right to left. Such gestures a lot, to study options had to spend about 15 minutes, but it’s worth it. To better understand the principle of CrxMouse, see the special offer video.


DayBoard – one of the most useful extensions in this list. Imagine that it’s 3 in the morning, tomorrow to be a very hard day, but you open a new tab bonded to know the reasons for the disappearance of a colony of Phoenicians in North Africa. But then the unexpected happens – before you a list of cases. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, you finally go to sleep. That’s right. DayBoard adds to the “new tab” a To-Do List, which, in theory, should protect you from an exercise in futility. Masthev! The only thing I do not like it – do not have access to chastoposeschaemym sites. Although I have them all there in the tabs.

Card Board

Adore Google Now? Then I have good news. The store extensions for Google Chrome appeared an interesting addition that turns a new tab in the block with the cards. Only if in the case of DayBoard we lost some of the elements, from the Card Board not only everything remains in place, but there is some more interesting features. You can see the list of downloads, always have access to the most visited sites, watch the latest bookmarks, and clear the cache, history, and other data in just one click.

Smart Pause YouTube

Another very simple but at the same time useful extension. After installing it on YouTube you will have a “smart pause”. Simply put, if while watching the video you will go to another tab, the clip itself to pause. Once you’re back on the video hosting page, playback starts automatically. The only case when the extension is not useful, – a music video, because you can just listen to it while doing something useful.


Like, if you do not like the bottom panel that appears each time you boot files in Google Chrome. To fix this problem will help the expansion of Downloadr. After installing it, you have the address bar near the small icon that changes color when there is an upload. Also there you can watch the progress and watch history files. The only pity is that there is a button “Open folder”.

These are interesting extensions I found the online store Google in just a few hours. I hope you find something useful for yourself. Do not forget to check with our previous list: Top 10 Extensions for Google Chrome and the top 10 extensions for Chrome from Google.

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