Apple is going to buy Kinect creator

Sources say that Apple is in talks with the Israeli company PrimeSense about the prospect of acquiring the latter. The company became known as the developer of the technology Kinect, used in the Xbox corporation Microsoft . The estimated value of the transaction – from 280 to 300 million dollars.

According to the Israeli website, a few days ago, a delegation visited the office PrimeSense Apple, to negotiate a possible acquisition. It is assumed that this is due to Apple’s plans to create its own TV, which is administered by the company wants to make a comfortable and revolutionary.

It has already appeared evidence that the Cupertino-based interface designed for gesture control, as evidenced by a patent , which the company has received back in 2011. Apparently, Apple decided not to spend a lot of money on research and development and to simplify the task itself, acquiring PrimeSense. Let us hope that the purchase will be successful, and the technology of contactless control display is useful in the creation of Apple TV.

According to the materials

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