Lenovo outlet YOGA Tablet 2

The first review of the Lenovo outlet new YOGA Tablet 2

Lenovo outlet YOGA Tablet 2

Lenovo outlet unveiled an updated line tablet YOGA. External devices from its predecessors are virtually identical, but the variations of them now a great set. Firstly, they are now available at 8 and 10 inch versions with Android or Windows choice. Secondly, there was a 13-inch big man with a built-in projector. Since the presentation of the last week, and we are already looking at a 10-inch Lenovo outlet –  new YOGA Tablet 2 on Android.

Lenovo outlet new YOGA Tablet 2 – Design and Ergonomics

Externally, the Lenovo outlet device looks very attractive and at first glance it seems that the decision is much easier any other tablets. Manufacturer expected that the device will be used in four positions. The first – to keep the device in the handle and it’s really convenient, but sometimes lacks the usual sense, when the tablet is on the hand and arm of the resistance is significantly reduced.

Lenovo outlet YOGA Tablet 2

The second provision – on a stand, like a picture frame. Put it in the workplace like a solid and beautiful. It is true when using the stand to surf the web is not very comfortable, as on your tablet presses reeling. But consume video content in such a position is very convenient.

Lenovo outlet YOGA Tablet 2

And for active surfing and typing is its position, in principle, familiar and, like the previous one, reminiscent of the situation Smart Cover to iPad.

Lenovo outlet YOGA Tablet 2

For an updated version of YOGA invented another position – hang on the wall on the hook. I do not know, who cares, housewives can pry recipes, hanging on a hook device for kitchen towels. Do not see this.

The Lenovo outlet device is constructed entirely out of plastic, but due to the aluminum legs, it seems super-monolithic, but it’s worth it to twist and you’ll hear the crunch of its “back.” In everyday use will not be a problem, but, nevertheless, it is unpleasant. On the other hand, we test product. Body materials pleasant to the touch, and the buttons respond well to pressing. Despite this dubious element as an additional leg, all donein a very easy and ergonomically comfortable. Separately want to mention a great location in stereo speakers, at first it seems that you close them in the landscape with their own hands, in fact it is not so. And they sound very, very nice.

Lenovo outlet YOGA Tablet 2

In addition to the speakers, the front has a camera and a light sensor. Left-arm on battery power button, close the connector for charging with support On-The-Go (connecting peripherals to USB) and coupled volume button. On the opposite side of the headset connector and the microphone. Rear under foot aluminum card slot microSD, and equipment to support LTE, and even the SIM-card.

Lenovo outlet YOGA Tablet 2

Enjoyable work and, honestly, is a warm feeling. Personally I happen to side plates oh how infrequently. I personally solution with the foot impressed far more than any other stand. The Lenovo outlet device really is kept steadily in any position and I’m sure nothing will happen.

Display – YOGA Tablet 2

The weakest side of the original YOGA Tablet last year was c low-resolution display. In the same year, the manufacturer is much more responsibly approached the case and used the IPS matrix with a resolution FullHD. Picture really goes very pleasant to the eye, the white balance slightly shifted toward the warm tones and has the standard modes that make the picture even more yellow.

Lenovo outlet YOGA Tablet 2

No inversion of colors for deviations and generally pleasing to the eye image. In sunlight, the image is still readable, but would like a little more headroom brightness. Oleophobic spray effective enough, and in the settings you can increase the sensitivity of the sensor, thereby activating the support of the work gloves. The overall impression of the display is very, very pleasant, it fits all the impressive appearance of the device. Pixel density – 230 ppi.

Camera – YOGA Tablet 2

This part of the Lenovo outlet device I had the most questions. The feel of the cameras were strange, since it is not clear what guided the manufacturer, placing them in such “interesting” places. I will start from the front, it is 1.6 MP and takes quite normal for video is more than enough. But! It is located so that holding the tablet in portrait orientation, you show the other person is not my face, and something over his head. If we talk, using the landscape orientation, the interlocutor the impression that you do not talk to him, but a man who is “behind the scenes”.

Lenovo outlet YOGA Tablet 2

Not spared such incidents and 8 MP main camera. It’s located on the edge of the folded device, than the manufacturer seems to hint that he wants us to do shots in portrait orientation. A reputable company Lenovo, so do not. If, however, try to shoot in landscape orientation, will quickly find that you cover the lens with your fingers. In general, to take a picture, you need to carefully twist the device in their hands.

Lenovo outlet YOGA Tablet 2

Although the photograph on the Lenovo outlet tablet is now fashionable (which proves update cameras in a new line of iPad Air 2), I sincerely hope that you take pictures of business cards and documents only.

Lenovo outlet new YOGA Tablet 2 – Specifications and Software

The Lenovo outlet device is powered by Quad-Core Intel Atom Z3745 family of Bay Trail-T and executed on the 22 nanometer process technology, clocked at 1.86 GHz, with the schedule meets the Intel HD Graphics, RAM 2 GB storage – 16 GB. On the rear panel has a slot for microSD cards up to 64GB. Performance is enough for smooth and beautiful interface operation. Games with heavy graphics as Modern Combat 5 reproduced without sagging fps and pochih ailments, but the graphics and badly cut is far from desirable. The Lenovo outlet device runs on the operating system of Android 4.4.2, which is installed on top of a proprietary shell from Lenovo. As I said earlier, the unit was presented on October 9 and already the 16th, I received an optimization system upgrade, so it seems to me, the manufacturer intends to seriously support a new line is a software. Shell from the manufacturer at this time is very similar to iOS in such basic things as the lack of the application menu (they are all right on the desktop), and shutter notifications and lower functional panel – generally one to one, as for me.

Lenovo outlet YOGA Tablet 2

Battery unit is huge, it is in this very hilt, its capacity – 9600 mAh. Autonomy is impressive, do not even need to carry out any tests. In truth, we did not have the time and the care taken in the tests of autonomy, but the manufacturer claims 18 hours of work and in this case I believe them. Particularly pleased that the plate is not heated at all, no matter what the task is not performed and no matter whether the device is being charged at this time.

Conclusion – YOGA Tablet 2

If you need to hang on a hook plate, then the Lenovo outlet – YOGA Tablet 2 choices №1. But joking aside, if I wanted to afford a tablet, I would have a good closer look to this device, it is ergonomic – no need to buy additional supports for convenient operation. Beautiful plate, high-quality display, high autonomy. What else do you need for happiness? Is that better graphics, but that’s if you can not do without the games. I can not.

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