Soon there will be Android-App for wearable devices

The creators of the upcoming Moto 360 believe that their product has passed the examination for elegance. On the background of the bulky box-smart hours it will be quite stylish. Still, Moto 360 is quite accurate and are round. And such is supposed to be a classic representation of the hour in the general public. But compact relies hours to create at least a compact software. Apparently, it will soon happen.

MIT Technology Review columnist David Talbot decided to ask how the developers met the idea of ​​wearable art based on Android. Not enthusiastic, but some of the work already in place.

Developers are trained

The new version of the popular mobile operating system called planet Android Wear. It allows you to create applications for hours, using simple tweaks to existing Android-applications.

Beautiful design and promised ease of development have led some, though not many, developers and designers to create prototypes of the first applications for Android Wear. For example, the developer of the proposed startup Pocket application that allows wearable devices to collect notices, including on e-mail messages to a special folder on your phone, which then can be viewed.

There are other prototypes, but now relative to the market of portable computers and its prospects have no clarity. Google hopes to interest his new platform developers who are already building applications for Android. In such smart watches, as shown recently Pebble and Samsung Galaxy Gear, set their own operating systems.

Samsung has set its clock Tizen. This decision makes me think about the desire of the South Korean electronics giant Google weaken the position of the market for mobile platforms. According to rumors, Apple this year will delight the world with their smart clock.

Dominant position on the Android mobile operating system market gives it an advantage over Apple. Razrabotchitsy 33Labs Cecilia Abadi said that it was created by a personal fitness app, as well as a personal organizer for the Moto 360. According to her:

In Android Wear the best chance to win at Big Apple coming battle for portable devices in the same way that Android has already won the battle for [smartphones] that determined by the number of units sold.

President of the Pennsylvania firm BrickSimple, to develop applications for Android, Det Ensign said that he is experimenting with new software development tools:

They (Google) made it very easy for the Android-developers who will be able to apply their experience to watch. It is based on the fact that the application for the phone penetrate into the watch. This makes the device based on the Android Wear these additions handheld devices.

He also noted that the discharge notice the clock is reset to it and on the phone.

Moto 360 is a product of Motorola Mobility, which is for sale search giant Google, Lenovo is currently in process. Smart Clock does not appear before the summer and the price is still unknown. And since no application for Android Wear has not been submitted yet, Google has to show their achievements. The clock functions are including: the weather, the ability to dictate devaysu short emails and determining the route.

SDK (software development tools) allows programmers to integrate Google Now in its software solutions for smart watches and other devices. Announcing the SDK, Google announced its cooperation in the field of applications compatible with Android Wear devices using such technology companies like Asus, HTC, LG, Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm and Fossil Group.

Watches – the best man?
Moto 360 supports management swipe, but Cecilia Abadie of 33Labs sure that consumers need devices with good voice control:

When people get used to talk to their devices – and we see this in the next few years – all the software and hardware will require the addition of a new voice layer that enables people to communicate with him and receive voice response. These devices will again voice communication mainstream.

If the smart watches are going to find approval from the masses of users, they need to have great design. Recently, a leading designer Moto 360 Jim Wicks said that the main priority is to make consumers want to wear smart watches. None of the previous wearable devices could not overcome this barrier. Points Google Glass faced with public disapproval. They find it very bizarre, frightening and intended for geeks. Such a reaction is diminished desire among developers to create applications for smart points frightening the audience.

Moto 360 creators have tried to do everything possible to ensure that the coming new look as much as possible traditionally. Jim Wicks said that his team settled on stainless steel casing and a cozy circular shape. Clock, according to the customer, can be equipped with a leather strap, which is preferred by most users of classic watches. And there is no camera in hours. The designer says:

We did not deem it necessary.

Jim Wicks admits that the popularity of the device will depend on its functionality, including from a bunch with Android, as well as “an opportunity to speak with the clock, able to do what you ask them.”

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