Amazon Echo can read a book at night

Amazon Echo can read a book at night

And not only the child but an adult. It is worth mentioning that Amazon Echo – intelligent wireless speaker set up by Amazon as a personal assistant. Thus, the device understands voice commands, can be connected to the Internet, where the information takes. Then the user is provided. The device is now able to read the book to its owner. Let’s see how to “work” the new device.

Interesting features Amazon Echo

The device Amazon Echo supported format books – Audible, the user can upload to the database a few books. And the device will then be read on request. For example, a book may be asked to read at night, asking for the name of the book.

Amazon Echo can read a book at night

If you have already started to read the book, then the user will just say «Alexa, read my book.” And reading will resume from the point at which ended last time.

In addition to reading books, the device can tell the latest news, weather, manage home appliances, supporting wireless connections.

Conclusion Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo has many interesting features, is very well suited as a child and adult.

Source: AndroidCentral

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