Review of smartphone OPPO N1

OPPO N1 – an unusual product, it became clear immediately after the official announcement, because there we were shown such unusual things as turning the main camera module and O-Touch touch-sensitive panel on the back of the lid. Questions about the “how” and “why”, spun in a language not for long, because after a few days we were able to get acquainted with a derivative of the Chinese genius, and now we are eager to share their opinions and experiences with you.

As any Samsung with its line of Galaxy Note, set trends increase the display size, or Nokia, with its 808 PureView, forgot it was warmed up interest in a large number of megapixels (or Lumia 920 module with optical image stabilization), OPPO wants to show that the notorious touchpad and of rotary camera – she still “trick.”

However, the first thing that impresses and attracts attention because it is the size OPPO N1 (170.7 x 82.6 x 9 mm) and weight – 210 grams , never a joke! The same Sony Xperia Z Ultra, yavlyayuschasya truly transitional link between the phone (or even a ” courtesy light “) to the plate , using metal and glass, weighs 212 grams, but because of the large physical size of felt lighter. Dimensions N1 ​​( and weight) due primarily to a diagonal IPS- display equal to 5.9”, the second – thus turning the camera module, which takes a decent amount of space, in the third the same aluminum frame rigidity through the entire apparatus, which has already become firm “chip”.

The housing is made ​​of plastic, but ringed ends of thin silver rim , which faces the notorious frame stiffness pleasantly cools hand. Plastic mat, and despite the fact that the N1 yesterday visited a lot of hands, a presentable appearance is not lost. With regard to the presence or absence of oleophobic coating on the glass screen until it is hard to judge,   the environmental conditions – fingerprints, as well as the fingers themselves , there were many, but they are very easy to rub away . At the bottom of the shell are three touch-sensitive keys (“Menu”, “Home” and “Back”), which at present lighting engineering samples were even slightly, but uneven. As is the case with Find 5 , the screen is on the right can get up to par with the best representatives of the market, such as the HTC One and Apple iPhone 5/5S. Viewing angles, color reproduction, maximum and minimum brightness levels are all very, very well. Unfortunately, if some Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with one hand still somehow possible, something about this device say this is impossible, acquiring it, is to prepare for the fact that in terms of ergonomics and convenience, this solution is somewhere in the bottom of the food chain. On the other hand, to reach the main controls whether the volume keys or the power is not working , and the rounded top and bottom edges fit perfectly in your hand , if you hold the N1 in landscape orientation – they seem to hint: “Hold me so, darling.”

Following in the ascendant, should start from the touch panel , and – first with the minuses. At this time ( and this is unlikely to somehow change for the start of sales), it does not selected any tactile or graphically. More precisely, the appearance is something ghostly identities are present, it is translucent outline on the back, which are visible only at a certain angle when they glare light. If we were not informed that she is here at all , we would probably not have guessed. With regard to its physical identification also can not speak, she merges with the body, and its “blind” use have pretty sweat.

Moving on to the pros, it may be noted, of course, additional functionality, whether switching desktops, change tracks in the music player, the launch of the pre- selected in the settings of the device application, scrolling pages in the browser, and so on – and in due course it will only be possible to expand, because the OPPO SDK provides for interaction with O-Touch to anyone wanting to, so you should expect the introduction of its poderzhkoy in your favorite applications.

It is interesting to look at and how it will cost ( if anything, to take ) the company CyanogenMod Inc., Because N1 is the first official “tsianofonom.” A little more about it – most of the “international” phones will come with original Color OS on board (her , by the way, significantly improved the since our last dating , but more on that later in the review already), America will also be presented at once in two versions , where the second will be held on board the pre CyanogenMod “out of the box.” For the rest would have the option of downloading and installing a regular means of a native “rekaveri” without the additional dancing with a tambourine. Doubt in a full performance of all the components of the device causes no , CyanogenMod Inc. Get full access to all the source code and drivers N1, and the engineers and programmers OPPO provide them all possible assistance in the adaptation of the firmware for the new device.

But the main feature of novelty, in our opinion, is the camera OPPO N1, which is based on the notorious 13 megapixel Sony Exmor RS module with the presence of the reverse lights. Apart from the fact that the software processing was modified in comparison with the same 5 Find , unusual and implemented it (the camera) is physically, because all her insides are top of the body in turning around its axis by 206 degrees housing. In both “final” positions, whether it be the front camera or the principal, the rotary module firmly fixed that will relieve the owner from accidentally turning it into, say, your pocket. what it may be necessary – everyone decides for himself. Someone will make high-quality “onions” , someone – shoot “from the hip” without attracting too much attention. In fact, even looking straight at them, “eye” people do not take a camera, yet this one just was not used, and therefore a reaction to the artificial photo no. It once again proved yesterday’s event where no one noticed that they are removed.

Judge the quality of the photos at this time hard, because the software is still far from complete, seen frequent errors with the white balance, sometimes does not pass the required focus on your subject. However, given the fact that the room was, quite frankly, much subdued lighting, the result is quite good. In the photo in a gallery above it can be seen flirting with time, which can improve OPPO N1 up to 8 seconds. Gentlemen have finalized the Chinese and the camera application, considerably expanding its functionality alone effects ” pretty face” in a dozen – though they all make the girls in the Chinese and Korean women, adding a variety of blush, lip coloring and tinting the eyes, smoothing the roughness of the face and changing shape its features.

Moving on to the final part of our pre-dating , not to mention its original wrapper Color OS ( previously known as the Color ROM and Project Firefly), developed together with the wishes of users. Since our review it was not too much time, and change – more than enough! Modified string notification, complementing not only comfortable expandable switches, but also a separate tab for handwritten sign that you can run a variety of applications , we need only to pull the notification bar at the top left corner , a well- sorted menu settings and grouping of tabs in it more weather effects and “living rooms” ( full-screen widgets) – only a small part of what brought programmers OPPO during this time.

They shed light on account of its further development, Color OS now available not only for units of the company, but also for the HTC One and Xiaomi Mi2S – in the future, this list will expand, “aim at” taken in the first place the device Galaxy- line. The key difference from other third-party firmware is most OPPO cooperation with manufacturers of devices to achieve the best user experience without any ” drawdown” type of poor-quality camera.

In general, and overall , the machine leaves a dual impression – that there is now, and looks well done , but the mass and dimensions of a few scare, and the pricing is still questionable. However, we have hinted that the price may be adjusted downwards and may not exceed $ 620.

On the rest, the judge will have already during the review of this unit, but one no doubt accurately – in an unusual and unique user experience that no other smartphone currently on the market do not give you.

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