MacBook hidden camera can monitor the owner

According to many foreign sources, each of which refers to The Washington Post, recently considered a criminal case against a high school student who decides to hack his laptop classmate to obtain images of a personal nature with the camera her MacBook and subsequent blackmail. The worst thing to come.

Was written software that allows you to separate FaceTime camera located in the MacBook from beside her spark green, and control them separately. This means that no more confidence in the fact that if the bulb does not light, the camera does not relieve you.

Special services for certain long used similar methods. Marcus Thomas, former deputy director of the FBI operative technical Quantico in a statement to The Washington Post confirmed that the FBI was able to remotely run a computer camera, without turning on with green indicator light. But one thing special services, and quite another when surveillance technology may seize any student.

At the moment it is known about the vulnerability found by students at Johns Hopkins University, which allows you to control LED indicator webcam, but this method does not work on Mac, issued after 2008. What software is used for extortion attacker is not known exactly, but perfectly understandable one. The only way to rid yourself of certain surveillance – camera lens close up something very dense.

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