AirOn presented a clock that is synchronized with the call and iOS and Android

The company announced two AirOn chasofona enabled devices on iOS and Android. Conceptually, the new models allow Gti Connect and receive calls and SMS, to control the player on your phone and read the warning of the social networks.

New gadgets characterizes a large color display, front-facing camera and support for Bluetooth-interface. Devices can connect to the iPhone and Android-based phones, receive calls and text messages, control music playback.

A great feature is the electronic bracelets feature a watchman for the smartphone. Chasofony equipped with two Bluetooth-module. One of them is connected to a headset, the second – with the communicator. When the second module stops working, that is, the user moves away from the smartphone more than 10 meters, chasofon delivers warning to vibrate. Also declared support for multimedia applications and mobile internet.

“The new model is a revolutionary breakthrough, not only in the field chasofonov, but also in other devices to smartphones. Our product can not only be a remote control for mobile devices, but also an independent handheld device to make and receive calls and SMS », – said General Director of AirOn.

One of the models is aimed at a female audience and will be produced in the colorful design.

Connect Gti and will go on sale on November 15. The estimated cost of new products will be 6600 rubles. Technical specifications of the devices will be announced later.

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