Easy-Macro: «flexible» macro lens for smartphones with an 8-fold increase


Easy-Macro Company has released a new version of the mobile lens for macro photography. New product designed for the owners of smartphones and tablets and allows you to take pictures at very close range.

A key advantage of Easy-Macro – compact size and versatility. The product is a curved lens with an elastic band. Gum is put on mobile, parked lens closer to the camera and all – the gadget is ready for close-up photography.

Despite the obvious simplicity Easy-Macro is able to compete with much more tech (and expensive) devices: lens provides increased image and gum holds equally well as a smartphone, and 10-inch tablet, regardless of the features of the form, location and availability of case flash. For the new Easy-Macro is possible to combine the two lenses and achieve 8-fold increase.


Enough to put gum on a mobile device, a lens positioned in front of the lens and you’re ready to shoot. Price of the device is only $ 15.


In September, Easy-Macro gathered at the site Kickstarter necessary amount of 40 000 dollars and has now started selling the device.

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