AdDuplex: sold 90% of smartphones running Windows Phone 8 Nokia made

According to the latest report of the analytical company AdDuplex , by the end of November 90% of smartphones sold are running Windows Phone 8 were produced by Nokia. In other words, only 1 in 10 smartphones sold WP8-solution is HTC, Samsung and Huawei.

This information was collected on the basis of the 2087 applications using SDK AdDuplex. Of course, these data as well as the fact that the most popular model is still the Nokia Lumia 520, few people can surprise. Nevertheless, the results once again demonstrate the value of what Nokia’s mobile business for the company Microsoft.

It is worth mentioning that the smartphone Nokia Lumia 520 took the palm of model Lumia 920 back in July of this year. Since then much has the market changed Windows Phone 8, but not the sales leader. Four months ago, the share Lumia 520 of the total number of Windows Phone-smartphone was 13.3%. Now its share is almost twice as much – 26.5%. If we take just smartphones running Windows Phone 8, the Lumia 520 share reaches 35%. Maybe now many will understand expediency release an updated model Lumia 525 with the new processor and 1 GB of RAM.

However, this bias in favor of the entry-level popularity of smartphones in the near future may become for Nokia, but rather have Microsoft, a serious problem. The software giant an urgent need to come up with how to convince partners to continue to support its own platform Windows Phone, as well as encourage users to purchase new smartphones running Windows Phone 8. According AdDuplex, currently about 25% of smartphones are running an outdated OS Windows Phone 7.

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