Athos showed that clothing with integrated electronics – no longer science fiction destiny

Despite the large number of “smart” bracelets for tracking physical activity member containing sensors that scare many users, the vast majority of them are still useless products.

Disadvantages of “smart” bracelets due to their orientation towards a specific area of ​​the body – mainly the wrist. Thus, the rest of the body, as well as important indicators associated with their activities, remain out of reach for bracelets.

The next step for manufacturers of portable devices, looking for physical activity, is to move beyond the usual accessories and giving due attention to not only the wrist but also to other parts of the body. Unfortunately, it is fraught with not only an increase in value, but decrease convenience when using such devices, which entwine body wires and sensors.

One of these companies, eager to make a revolution in the market of portable devices, looking for physical activity is Athos, which aims to create sportswear with integrated electronics. According to the resource AllThingsD , more than a year ago at the disposal of Athos appeared first prototype shirt, which was tightly entwined wires $ 300. It seems that since then the company has revised its plans and set up a small wireless module that attaches to the special clothing, equipped with electronics.

It should be noted that the cost of a complete set of Athos is quite high – at $ 99 for a shirt and shorts, as well as $ 199 for the basic module Athos Core Module, without which the clothing is useless. In describing the characteristics listed Athos Core Module axis accelerometer, three-axis magnetometer, wireless module Bluetooth 4.0 and two LEDs that provide information on developments in the course of training and the level of battery charge. By the way, in terms of autonomy Athos promises more than 10 hours of training.

The manufacturer notes that the first generation of sportswear Athos contains 16 sensors, which measure the performance of 14 major muscles as well as heart rate and respiratory rate. When this muscle activity tracking method is used electromyography. The exact weight of the main unit is not specified, but it is known that he is 20 g lighter than a pack of chewing gum.

The device is available for pre-order on the official website of the company for U.S. residents only. Athos plans to begin deliveries in the summer of 2014. It should be noted that the module is only compatible with smartphones and tablets iPhone iPad. If you believe the promises of the manufacturer, the appropriate application in the App Store should appear immediately after the start of deliveries. Built in clothes electronics is protected and is not afraid of moisture, so it can be washed in the machine along with the usual clothing. However, the main module in this case, the manufacturer advises to disconnect.

It is worth noting that Athos is not the only company that promotes the idea of ​​integrating electronics into clothing. On Kickstarter you can find a new project Notch, within which the manufacturer promotes sensors cost $ 50, along with sports and casual clothing own design.

In Notch configuration includes an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and module Bluetooth, by the last device is synchronized with the iOS-devices.

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