Speaker Technics SB-C700 review

Speaker Technics SB-C700 review

Speaker Technics SB-C700 review

The news that Panasonic is going to resurrect the brand Technics led our editors delight. We recalled the legendary turntable SL1210, excellent budget CD-players and award-winning amplifiers average price level of the nineties. But although memories almost brought us to tears, we understood that on older models can not build success. Technics brand needs new hits – but, judging from the columns of the Technics SB-C700, this task can be difficult.

At the beginning of the good. Externally, these speakers we like. Due to the use of a coaxial speaker, they resemble KEF LS50; Column well built and looks very stylish.

This coaxial transducer consists of a 19-mm tweeter with aluminum dome and the surrounding 16-cm midrange / woofer. In broadband tweeter very high upper limit of sound – as many as 100 kHz. Mid / bass head has a diaphragm unusual shape – instead of the usual “saucer” had a flat ring. As this geometry has a smaller rigidity thereto is added composite honeycomb diaphragm woven carbon fiber and aluminum.

Design Technics SB-C700

Speaker Technics SB-C700 review

Design Technics SB-C700 is impressive. They are solid and weighty, glossy finish of our test sample performed flawlessly marginal attention to detail is felt in all aspects.

The curved shape of the body is not just for beauty; it prevents the formation of standing waves and reduces the influence of diffraction. The result is a cleaner sound, as the body makes it less distortion. So far, all the estimated parameters were up to par. Technics SB-C700 single-cable connection to impress the AU on which developers work hard.

The first listening experience was quite good: the sound of Technics SB-C700 – clean and open, with a clear study of frontal boundaries of music. However, it is inherent in a noticeable sharpness, so we decided to warm up a few days before the AU final testing.

Unfortunately, virtually no warm-up to improve the sound; HF were a little softer, and nothing more.

Speaker Technics SB-C700 review

Installing speakers away from the walls and a little deploying them in the direction of the listener, we got quite weighty bass and a good stereo image. If you put them near the wall, the bass out of control, and the sound as a whole becomes much less legible.

We tested the speakers with our usual system, including Naim NDS / 555PS, Naim CDS3 / 555PS, turntable Clearaudio Innovation Wood and reference two-amplifier Bryston BP26 / 4B SST2, and tried to related Technics SU-C700, a natural partner of the speakers, and our favorite model in this price range – Rega Elex-R.

Speaker Technics SB-C700 review

Song Bruce Springsteen Radio Nowhere has not made much of an impression on us; Technics does not adequately convey vitality and richness of the composition. In addition, the music lacks the energetic dynamics and drive. Organization can not be called outstanding: AC is not able to understand the intricacies of the arrangements, instruments mixed together. The picture does not change depending on the genre of music, whether or Vivaldi Bob Marley – Technics play too straightforward, they lack the subtlety and detail.

We are disappointed; Technics SB-C700 require major improvements if the company wants to use them to gain a foothold in the market. The collective consciousness of habit are very warm to the brand Technics, but because such is the ratio of failed products is easy to lose.

Price: $ 1,800

Rating: 2

PROS: Workmanship and finish; mobility

AGAINST: The Missing energetic dynamics and detail; meager character of the sound; compressed and overloaded stereo image

VERDICT: One disappointment

Source: Technics

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