Wireless speaker Bose SoundLink III: Powerful bass review

Wireless speaker Bose SoundLink III: Powerful bass review

Wireless speaker Bose SoundLink III: Powerful bass review

If you appreciate the music volume and powerful bass, wireless Bose SoundLink III – just for you. This portable speaker with Bluetooth combines high-end design and plenty of deep, rich bass. Its mighty roar in no way resembles weak hard sound, which alone is capable of most budget portable speakers, but the price is high enough to expect better quality. The assets of Bose – Bluetooth and battery for 14 hours of work; it’s not bad at all. She is not the most researched and balanced sound, but he does not hold weightiness.

The composition of the group Blackstreet No Diggity by Bose admires strength and vigor. Rich and juicy bass distinguished by the depth and texture. Generous and warm nature of Bose appeal to many; its soft sound makes it more pleasant streaming from Spotify low bit rate, which is not so often the case in Bluetooth-channels. No brightness or stiffness it is not inherent. Avoid placing the speakers too close to the wall – this arrangement too emphasizes the lower classes.

Detail in generally good; overloaded guitar band Alice in Chains sound sharp and texture, and the powerful ballad Beyonce fill the room with many details. Bose speakers capable of high volume; the votes shall be clean and direction, however, the average range slightly pushed forward.

Wireless speaker Bose SoundLink III: Powerful bass review

However, Bose sound noticeably lacking in sophistication and depth of study. Referred to the rich and juicy bass sometimes become too abundant. Gentle piano music is lost in the presence of such powerful and dominant bass. Execution as a whole lacks clarity and meticulousness. Gentle voice vocalist in the song Mazzy Star Fade Into You picky, but slightly rude, and sound in general seems a bit cumbersome. Despite the power, drums in the song Wildfire group SBTrkT are rather loose than elastic. Rounded RF pleasing to the ear, but they lack the sharpness and openness to make a really strong impression. A little more breathing space – and Bose sound would be much more open and melodic.

This portable speaker is arranged very simple: connect the SoundLink III to the source, you can either via Bluetooth, or via the 3.5mm input.

Connecting to your phone is quick and easy. AU playfully responds to commands change the volume and switch tracks. To control buttons on the device first had to apply a force, then they become more responsive. A more modern protocol Bluetooth aptX is not supported, but it is unlikely AU loses something because of this (but USB-port for charging smartphones would not be superfluous).

From wireless Bose speakers we’ve come to expect a certain level of quality, and the SoundLink III does not disappoint. Rugged design and steel-gray finish are excellent. Strong and heavy aluminum housing, soft buttons with a silicone coating, small icons illuminated to indicate the input and battery – it all looks worthy of the high price.

Wireless speaker Bose SoundLink III: Powerful bass review

Slim body SoundLink III in fact is quite reliable. Speaker is compact enough to fit in a backpack or large handbag, and scratch resistant – ideal to carry with you. 14 hours of battery life – also a great benefit, besides, he quickly recovers charge.

Give speaker individuality and protect it from damage may additionally soft case; it costs $ 40 and is available in five different colors.

Competition in the market of portable speakers are very high, but the Bose SoundLink III manages to stand out among the others: its assets – a solid and robust design, ease of use and rich sound with powerful bass. It is not meant to be the leader of the class, but it deserves a close acquaintance.

Price: $ 300

Rating: 4

FOR: Heavy and deep bass; strong vocals; the weight; enviable volume; workmanship; convenience

CONS: lacking purity and refinement

VERDICT: Strong and powerful bass, excellent design; with Bose speakers worth exploring

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