6 new features that will help Apple Watch stand

6 new that will help Apple Watch features stand

6 new features that will help Apple Watch stand

Soar if Apple Watch, as iPad, or lain with a bang, one thing is clear: these watches tremble industry wearable devices. But most of us can not imagine that will change our lives at the moment when we put on your wrist the watch. The main question: “As the first wearable product Apple could change our view of the smart Soup?” And what options you need to have Apple Watch, to become the best of the best.

They should be cool

6 new features that will help Apple Watch stand

All market driven style, rather than functions. Apple has made great efforts to make smart watches stylish (just look at that guy!). By and large, that she succeeded. Hours had lighted on the cover of Vogue in China and will be available in two sizes (38 and 42 mm). Buyers can select from three collections, each of which provides different straps and housings. Apple has always been famous for cool gadgets. But this is the first time that Apple is clearly driven by fashion and self-expression. And it has created a watch must fully reflect this. Make a clock that can attract women is particularly important.

Apple Watch features:

To anticipate yours every move

6 new features that will help Apple Watch stand

Apple Watch features has to anticipate your needs, depending on your location and situation. The device will be able to distinguish between “long” and “short” look. Clock to determine when you are going to not just look at the notice and enter the menu and buttons will appear that will allow you to interact with the contents of the device. Apple needs to make this option is better than Android Wear. “Apple clock” will need to open the application, based on your location and activity, perhaps using iBeacons, located in shops and gyms. They can even provide you with information about interesting attractions located near you.

More robust battery

6 new features that will help Apple Watch stand

The problem of limited battery life is a major issue faced by all manufacturers of smart hours. Most of them should be charged every night. Soup Apple needs at least 3-4 days of “life” of the battery to become a leader.

Easy synchronization

6 new features that will help Apple Watch stand

Yes, most of the options Apple Watch will be available only in conjunction with your iPhone. But this does not mean that the device is useless without it. The unit yourself will track your daily activity, produce Apple Pay payment and will be able to play music using Bluetooth. Third-party developers have created a number of applications for the device. For example, Dexcom, created devices to be paired with a clock to measure the blood glucose level holder Apple Watch.

NFC raise to a new level

6 new features that will help Apple Watch stand

Many existing smart clock can be used to identify the attached device, and even alert you when you leave too far from your phone. Apple Watch makes Touch ID (fingerprint reader) more useful due to the developed mobile payment options. Apple Pay will help pay for purchases by scanning hours. Option NFC (high-frequency technology for wireless short-range communication, which enables the exchange of data between devices located at a distance of about 10 centimeters) will allow the watch to communicate with the device “smart home”. With this function, you can even start your car.

The clock must have useful applications

6 new features that will help Apple Watch stand

Regardless of the fact that Apple Watch features can do, they will have to do it well. This means that the device must have a specific list of cool applications that are easy to use and useful to the owner of hours. Lack thereof can reduce the amount of sales device.

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