You can rent the first Apple Watch and then buy

You can rent the first Apple Watch and then buy

You can rent the first Apple Watch and then buy

Apple on Monday at a media event ‘Spring Forward’, among other things, suggested various options for its long-awaited smart watches, including interchangeable straps, two available sizes, lots of decorative design of the dial. Given the price starts at $ 350, it will be difficult to opt for a particular model. “Smart Watches” – is a relatively new concept for most consumers, so it is hardly enough for ordinary customers Apple 10 minutes viewing device in the company store at the wrist. During this time, the client will not be able to understand exactly what the device is able to receive and whether it will benefit from buying these watches.

Help is at hand in the face of a company that provides rental services of gadgets. Lumoid, located in San Francisco – a startup that allows users to test the device before buying (or not if he will not come). The company plans to add to the list of devices that can be rented for a while, and then buy a Apple Watch. States that it will happen in the next month.

Lumoid will not provide for temporary use premium watch Apple Watch Edition, which cost more than $ 10,000, however, be happy to offer a low-cost collection – sporty and classic. Recall terms of the lease, which are at the service Lumoid: 5 gadgets on 7 days rental, weekly use device will cost $ 25. If a customer wanted to buy something, he buys the device at full price, get a new version of the non-rental gadget – if not, returns Soup Company. Rent Watch Sports Watch and will cost a bit more: $ 45 and $ 55 respectively.

Source: DigitalTrends

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